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ever. major miss. investigators in the casey anthony murder trial admit they overlooked what could have been a key piece of evidence, a search about, quote, foolproof suffocation on the computer found in her home. would the jury have let her walk if they had known about it. and dressing down. justin bieber criticized for meeting the prime minister of canada wearing overalls. we'll tell you why the canadian leader is still a belieber today, monday, november 26th, 2012. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm savannah guthrie. in justin bieber's defence, i
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think those were his dressing overalls. >> and that music was not playing. >> the "green acres" song. >> meanwhile, what is our zip code? >> get the typing fingers ready. it is cyber monday. time to surf the web for a really great deal. >> if you are a boss, probably not the news you want to hear. today is the biggest online shopping day of the year because people have access to faster internet access at the office so buying will be up, productivity probably will be down. will the day live up to its hype? we'll get into that. >> a preview from tech to fashion, where to get the best deals, too. and then an important warning for parents about the bounce houses that kids seem to just love. according to a new study out today, serious injuries from them are skyrocketing, so coming up what you need to do to keep your children safe. and then is prince charles getting a little impatient as he waits to assume the throne? some tabloids there are reading a deeper meaning into some recent remarks he made, so we'll
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have a live report from london on that. >> all right. dr. oz will be here to debunk the myth that you have to pay top dollar for food if you want to have your family eating horhealthfully. let us start with the big story, cyber monday. diana alvear is at ground zero for action at the fulfillment center in phoenix. diana, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. you can definitely feel that cyber monday is in full effect here at amazon. it is their biggest day of the year and a huge one for all retailers. this year experts estimate online sales will rise 12% thanks to a growing number of so-called couch consumers. far from the maddening crowds. kick bicknell fills her cart with a click. >> i'm a definite 100% online shopper. >> across the country jennifer swinford does the same. >> i don't have to worry about lines. i don't have to worry about people being irritable, waiting
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forever to see if a product is still in stock. >> reporter: both took advantage of black friday deals, but they are waiting to see what cyber monday holds, a process made much easier with smartphones and other devices and custom-made apps by major retailers. >> i love the apps for ebay, amazon, papaypal, whatever stori need to shop at i do it that way. >> reporter: today on cyber monday more than 20 million shoppers are expected to do it that way as well, up 14% over last year. they no longer have to wait till work on monday morning which is why experts say the boundaries between black friday and cyber monday have blurred. >> it's almost morphed into a five-day holiday shopping period. >> reporter: this retail expert say stores stagger their deals to keep consumers coming back. some retailers like sears after online-only deals and encourage
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shoppers to pick those items up in the store to avoid shipping fees. >> if you pick it up in the store, you'll buy something else. >> reporter: for many online shoppers, convenience is king. their top destination so far, online giant, booming sales required bringing in 50,000 seasonal workers. >> it is a day that rivals black friday, for sure. last year cyber monday was our busiest day of the year. customers ordered 17 million items, 204 items persecond. >> reporter: at their largest fulfillment center in phoenix, arizona, workers say you can feel the holiday rush. >> definitely more picks, more orders are coming in, more numbers definitely. more energy. >> reporter: and you're look at the inbound floor of the largest of 40 fulfillment centers that amazon has across the country. when i say big, this place is big, 28 football fields, the equivalent of, and i saw a lot of people around here riding
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tricycles to get around and somewhere is my brother's christmas gift. hopefully he's not watching. >> diana, thanks very much. five minutes after the hour. here's savannah. thanks. members of congress are back at work with one big issue staring them in the face. how to avoid going over the so-called fiscal cliff? if they do not reach a deal your taxes could rise and sharp spending cuts would go into effect as well possibly triggering a recession. chuck todd is nbc's political director and chief white house correspondent. chuck, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> the goal here is to get a deal that reduces the deficit, and the battle lines have been pretty clear right now. the president campaigned rolling back the tax breaks for the highest earnings and republicans argued spending cuts are the way to get the deficit under control. are we starting to see a softening of those positions on both sides? >> reporter: here's what there's agreement on. both sides, both parties agree that the wealthiest have to pay more, and the question now and
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the sticking point at this stage is how do you go about making the wealthiest pay more? do you do it by raising the tax rates? that's what president obama wants to do. wants to raise the tax freights 35% where they are now up to where they were during the clinton years at 39% what. republicans are arguing is you don't have to do that. you can get all of the money or some of the money that you want by getting rid of loopholes so doing full-fledged tacts reform at next year but don't raise the tax rates at all and somehow get rid of the loopholes. the white house says, hey, that math doesn't work. >> let me pick up on that because we've seen a few republicans peeling off from a pledge they signed to grover norquist who, of course, is an anti-tax lobbyist works has been very powerful among conservatives. is that a significant move when you start seeing senators like lindsey grak, sacxby chambliss saying i'm not going to stick to the deal. >> reporter: i'll be waiting to
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see if house republicans do it. all the areas where republicans are softening. it's senate republicans. if the deal could be cut between senate republicans and the white house, we wouldn't be talking about this, wouldn't have a segment because the fiscal cliff wouldn't be an issue. the house republicans have to worry about primaries and that's the problem for the white house and frankly for house speaker john boehner. he may want to cut a deal but may not have the votes because these guys might be on a primary suicide mission, some of these house republicans, if they side with raising tax rates. if they raise taxes they will lose the primary and there's no general election, they don't have to where he about voters. >> are democrats signaling where they may be willing to compromise? >> reporter: president has been willing to talk about social security and medicare and put entitlements on the table. the problem the president has is
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many parts of his base, including some of those house democrats that he might need in some sort of forged compromise, they are not crazy about doing that. we won. the mandate is to raise taxes. there was no mandate from the voters to tinker with social security and tinker with medicare, but at some point the president's going to put that on the table, and the question will his base let him do it? >> let me switch gears a bit. i want to ask you about senator john mccain. he, of course, has been very critical about the potential nomination of u.n. ambassador susan rice to be secretary of state, something that hasn't happened yet. he appeared to strike a more conciliatory tone over the weekend. i'm going to play two statements for you, john mccain a few weeks ago and john mccain yesterday and ask you about it on the other side. >> we will do whatever is necessary to block the nomination that's within our power as far as susan rice is concerned. >> i think she deserved the ability and the opportunity to explain herself and her position, just as she said.
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>> chuck, very quickly, is this a very significant change? >> reporter: it is and it tells you something that a lot of people have told me presidents get their secretary of states. the question is how much pain is it going to come with? i'm told it's probably not this week, probably early next week that the president finally decides to name a secretary of state, just down to two, susan rice or john kerry, but hearing that might make the white house feel better. i think the president's gut has been if he were to choose, force him to choose, i think he's leaning susan rice. >> chuck todd with all the headlines from washington in morning. chuck, thank you, and once again here's matt. >> savannah, thanks. turning overseas, violence is still raging in egypt over the president's power graham grab there. nbc eayman mohyeldin is in cairo with the latest on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. a few days ago president morrisey of egypt was receiving praise from around the world including u.s. president barack obama for brokering that
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cease-fire and today he's coming under criticism that puts him in conflict with the top judges that. political fight is spilling over into the streets, claiming lives and plunging the country's economy into turmoil, and more importantly it is threatening the country's post-revolutionary progress. for a fourth straight night protest efforts attacked the offices of president mohamed morsi's freedom and justice party. the political wing of the muslim brotherhood. demonstrators are angry at president morsmorsi's latest decision, one that's reverting the country to a dictatorship. >> we want a contry of institutions, not symbolized in one person who makes all decisions and nobody can say no. >> reporter: morsi's decree gave him legislative powers and extended the time to write a new constitution by two months. morsi's decisions are beyond judicial challenge and dismissed the attorney general. now the attorney general backed by the country's powerful judges, many appointed by former
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dictator hosni mubarak, are fighting back. they have called for a nationwide strike in the courtrooms. president morsi and other islamist parties have blamed egypt's judiciary for blocking key reforms. it's why president morsi on friday told his mainly islamic supporters he issued the sweeping decree and why many across the country are backing his decision. >> translator: the president's decisions are good, and we support him. he's working hard and working for the people's interests. we are with him. >> reporter: but the showdown between the executive and judicial branches of governments has pledged the country's streets and markets into it your mill. today egypt's stock market lost 4% of its value in the opening minutes of trading. on sunday officials had to suspend trading after the market lost nearly $9 billion or 10% of its value. now the country's political opposition forces are uniting and calling for mass sieve demonstrations on tuesday. despite the tensions on the
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streets, there is a little bit of optimism in the air. president morsi will be meeting with some of the judges later today to try and broker some kind of an agreement to get them out of this political crisis, but if not all attention will shift to tuesday when thousands of protesters and opponents of the president are expected to hold competing rallies just a few miles away. it may be some time before calm returns to the street of egypt. matt? >> ayman mohyeldin in cairo this morning, thank you very much. >> now a check of the day's other top stories. tamron shall in for natalie this morning. >> hey, savannah and matt. good morning, everyone. officials in massachusetts are blaming a powerful natural gas explosion on human error. the blast injured 18 people and damaged dozens of buildings when it ripped through springfield's entertainment district on friday night. state fire officials say a utility workers accidentally punctured a high pressure underground pipe while looking for a gas leak. yet another garment factory fire in bangladesh this morning
7:13 am
days after a blaze at a similar factory killed some 112 people on saturday. thousands of outraged workers there are protesting today, demanding safer conditions. police are investigating the death of a suspected shot lifter at a georgia wal-mart. the man was found unresponsive after he was tackled by two store employees and a security guard in the store's parking lot early sunday morning. police say he sold two dvd players from the walmart. the incident is under investigation, and the two store employees have been suspended without pay. a dangerous explosion. a michigan police officer was approaching a minivan you see here engulfed in flames. there it is, the vehicle as you saw blew up. the deputy was not injured, and a married cumin side that van managed to get out with minor injuries. the cause of that blast is under investigate. and a florida woman could have jail time for a very unusual crime. gloria gutierrez was arrested on
7:14 am
a misdemean or warrant for ridig a manatee. guite rees at midded to police she touched the manatee but claim she did not knee it was illegal. in case you're wondering, the possible penalty for bothering a manatee, $500 fine and six months behind bars if you're convicted. and this could be run for the record books. this 23-year-old successfully completed 47 backflips in a row at a college football game saturday night. did it for a record. if confirmed the army second lieutenant and former cheerleader smashed the old record of 35 consecutive flips set only last month, and she's still dizzy, i think. the rolling stones mark their 50th year at a band last night as a band. mick jagger shows he still has the moves like jagger, and they
7:15 am
rocked the first of five shows celebrating their five decades jamming together. it is now 7:15. back to matt, savannah and al. first run, original run of cheap seats 6.50 and jagger joked to the people in the cheap seats, hello and said i guess they are not so cheap. >> one show in london, a couple in brooklyn and one over in new jersey. >> so much to talk about, the manatee riding, the back flipping. >> got enough problems. >> how about the weather? >> how about a first look at the weather? >> all right. we've got a couple areas we're watching. first of all, down south, got a risk of strong storms from houston to el dorado into alexandria, louisiana. damaging hail and a possibility of some tornadoes and very, very damaging thunderstorms. as you look at the futurecast heading into tonight into tomorrow morning, you see the heavy rain developing, and then to the north of that we're looking at a lot of decent amount of snow stretching from
7:16 am
charleston all the way to boston, about one to three inches generally, not looking at any major accumulations on into tuesday night, but we do expect to see about 1 to 3 inches generally, and then will be over by wednesday. that's your latest weather. we'll get your local forecast right after this. 7:17 on a very foggy monday morning. give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination safely.
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we have thick pockets of fog reducing your visibility to a quarter of a mile or less all across the bay area. as we head throughout the second half of the day, the sun will be out in full force. we'll see a nice rebound today. temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s, headed toward 67 in livermore, 66 in fremont and 66 degrees today in san francisco. rain arrives wednesday through friday. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> four days after thanksgiving movie-makers have a lot to be thankful for. as nbc's kristen dahlgren tells us, it was a record-setting holiday weekend. >> reporter: after stuffing their faces at the table, americans packed into theaters this weekend. the five-day stretch registering a record thanksgiving take at the box office, $290 million in ticket sales. >> the packs willified. we've never been afraid of vampires. >> reporter: the final installment of the "twilight"
7:18 am
saga brought in 64 million from thursday and friday for second place and joined by james bonds' "skyfall" and "anne lincoln" atop the list. >> films are doing incredibly well and they propelled us to this biggest ever thanksgiving weekend. >> reporter: one that surprisingly wasn't driven by new releases and shipwrecked drama "life of pi." >> i am on a life boat alone with a tiger. please send help. >> reporter: and the animated tale "rise of the guardian" couldn't crack the top three in the debut weekend. dreamworks animation is being called an underperformer despite some very familiar faces. >> santa claus, the easter bunny. sandman. the tooth fairy, i knew you'd
7:19 am
come. >> reporter: this could be just the beginning for what may end up a record year. there is time. thanksgiving fell on the earliest date possible this year meaning a longer than normal holiday season which has the studios hoping that americans stay in the movie-going move. >> a lot of big movies to come including "les miserables" and "the hobit" which will wring out even more movie-goers. >> reporter: a holiday forecast that has hollywood giving thanks. for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. >> apparently it was packed, packed in theaters. our executive producer down in the control room had to go to three different theaters to see a movie and still didn't get to see "twilight" so he's bummed about that. >> way to go. >> see any movies this weekend, anybody? >> went to go see "wreck it
7:20 am
ral ralph". >> and i saw "flight" with denzel so my mom could swoon. >> investigators admitted missing a crucial clue. if they found it,
7:21 am
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coming up, is prince charles running out of time to rise throne? new speculation following comments from the man who would be king. plus alarming information about the soaring number of injuries from those bounce houses that kids love, but first your local news. ♪ ♪
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nayou just mix together a few.. simple ingredients, add a bit of heat, and "voila." so to make truvia baking blend, we shared one of nature's most surprising secrets: sweetness from the stevia leaf. for a blend of truvia natural sweetener and sugar that bakes and browns like sugar, with 75% fewer calories per serving. from nature, for sweetness. good morning to you. 7:26, i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning investigators trying to be find the source of a carbon monoxide leak that sickened 11 family members in san francisco.
7:26 am
the family called 911 at about 7:00 after a carbon monoxide detector went off inside their home on cortland avenue in bernal heights. utility crews could not find the source of that carbon monoxide in the home but medics determined everyone, including three toddlers, had high levels of carbon monoxide in their blood. fire officials say carbon monoxide detector likely saved their lives. state law requires homes with an attached garage to have those detectors. very important lesson to learn there. what about when it comes to that forecast? pretty foggy start, christina. >> yeah, indeed, laura, good morning to you. we have some really thick pockets of fog right at the surface this morning and that is reducing your visibility, particularly along the north end of the peninsula and into the north bay. we're also noticing some thick pockets as that fog creeps through the delta this morning, that tule fog. as we head throughout the day, highs will be comfortable. sdmechb livermore, 65 in fairfield, 66 right here in san francisco.
7:27 am
if you're sick of the sunshine, and you probably are, we've got a lot of rain on the way this week. wednesday, thursday, friday, the heaviest rain anticipated and then saturday, subbnday the tai end of a third system swings through and that will keep us in an on and off showery pattern all weekend long. if you don't like sunshine or like seeing the road, then today's the day for you. here's 92, westbound on the right side as that fog rolled in over the last couple of minutes. you see folks slamming on their brakes or definitely lowering their speeds from the toll plaza over across that flat section, which you can barely see. you might need those windshield wipers. 580, 880, the peninsula, highway 101, 280 highway 1 along the coast definitely an issue as far as visibility and slicker roadways as well. the south bay, your northbound routes kicking in but visibility is okay. north 101 from capital up past the airport and into sunnyvale. north 280 bogging down around 880 and 85 slow from 87 all way
7:28 am
up into cupertino. >> i'll have another local news update in half an hour. enjoy that monday morning.
7:29 am
>> they are known for their long luscious locks, so why these indianapolis colts cheerleaders getting their heads shaved? for a good cause. we'll explain a bit later early
7:30 am
on. >> this is "today" on november 26, 2012. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer. and coming up, some warning for parents. >> bounce houses that you see at carnivals and birthday parties, a number of kids are getting hurt inside them. just ahead what you can do to keep your children safe. >> last week we had the story of the so-called sleeping beauty, a teenager who would sleep for weeks on end. now, we introduce you to one woman who has a sleeping disorder. thankfully, she's getting medical relief from hers. sometimes up to 18 hours a day, but she fears the solution that has been helping her could be going away, and then later as we mentioned it is cyber monday. time to shop. we will tell you where to find the best bargains today. >> let us begin this half hour with casey anthony, the florida woman found not guilty of murdering her daughter caylee. now the orange county sheriff is saying investigators missed a
7:31 am
search on her computer in her home for, quote, foolproof suffocation. could this evidence have led to a conviction? lisa bloom is a trial lawyer and legal analyst. lisa, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> both sides are confirming, yes, this search was missed. the lawyer for casey anthony said his team knew about this before trial. how big a miss? >> tantalizing and disturbing evidence and who's the fool. foolproof suffocation, casey's parents, the jury, is it us? >> let's figure out how this was missed before i answer that rhetorical question. the investigators for the sheriff department did go to that computer that was found in the home. >> yes. >> they did look through the searches on one search engine and didn't go to firefox and that's where this search for foolproof suffocation which by the way was misspelled was located. is a lapse like that in an investigation that had this much attention surrounding it unusual?
7:32 am
>> well, when you work with humans, there's always a possibility for human error, and forensic examiners can make mistakes like us. looked on internet explorer, not on firefox and the problem here is casey wasn't the only person who used this computer. george anthony used the computer, too, so we can't say with a certainty it was his search. >> in a book he wrote about the case, jose baez, the defense attorney for casey anthony said he knew about this search but he said it was conducted by george anthony who was distraught over the accidental drowning death of caylee and was looking to put himself in court. >> put yourself in court. if you're a member of the jury, how is this going to add up in. >> this jury said they cannot say to a certainty how this little girl died and couldn't connect it beyond a reasonable doubt to casey this. would have been an important piece of evidence. look what happened on this search after this particular item, foolproof suffocation. next was a search about suicide.
7:33 am
after that a myspace, logging on to myspace. only casey anthony in that home had a myspace account so that would maybe link it to her. >> she was innocent in the eyes of the law. does this information that we're talking about right now, lisa, have any impact on her situation? >> it can't ever because of the double jeopardy rule. she can never be retried. if she's stood up in front of all of us and confessed, if a videotape of her killing her daughter she could not be prosecuted against. has the same rights as all of us. >> as always, nice to see you. lisa bloom, thanks very much. 33 after the hour now. let's get a check of the weather with al. >> and good morning, everybody, as we start off this week we're getting ready for a lot going on as we look and show you what we've got. oh, my weather map isn't there. there it is. all right.
7:34 am
early part of the week, we're looking at rain and snow in the northeast down into the south. we're looking at strong storms, above normal temperatures out west and below normal and lake-effect snow through the mid-atlantic states and up into the great lakes. mid-week period, more snow showers around the great lakes. heavy rain out through the pacific northwest into california, above normal temperatures and plains into the gulf coast and then in the latter part of the week, that heavy rain and snow continues out west. we're looking at warm weather again from the plains into the gulf and normal conditions along the southeastern atlantic coast 7:34. back to work cyber monday. we are looking really foggy this morning. this is the golden gate bridge. you can see in addition to the dense, low clouds we have drizzle and mist out there. now we want to take you above the clouds just to show you what awaits us for the second half of the day. completely clear conditions. we'll just have to wait until 1:00 p.m. it is thick out there, travel
7:35 am
cautiously. 67 in livermore today, 66 fremont. temperatures stay steady just about all week long, in the 60s, but we've got a lot of rain wednesday through friday. get that weather any time you need it on forecast looks fantastic for wednesday night, when we light up the rockefeller center christmas tree. it will be november 28th starting at 8:00 right here on nbc. savannah guthrie and i get that bad boy lit up on wednesday night. looking forward to it. savannah? >> me too, al. last week we introduced you to a teenager with a condition that caused her to sleep for weeks, even months on end. this morning, a lawyer that suffers from a sleep disorder. dave gutierrez is in atlanta with more. >> reporter: researchers here at emory university hope their findings will revolutionize the
7:36 am
treatment of this sleeping disorder that often affects women. but it's a race against time to keep getting the medicine that changed her life. for anna sumner, sleep was an obsession. >> it was like an addiction. i would hit a point in the day where i thought if i don't go to sleep right now, i will literally not survive. >> reporter: she was no slacker, working at a major law firm in atlanta after graduating from princeton and duke, but anna's life was falling apart. sleeping up to 18 hours a day, but never feeling rested. >> my rock bottom was sleeping for 53 hours. i felt helpless. >> reporter: so she took a leave of absence and headed to emory university sleep lab, where doctors checked everything. it wasn't a thyroid problem, wasn't depression. doctors discovered an entirely new cause, something they found in 31 other patients like anna. their research just published in
7:37 am
"science translational medicine." >> the body seems to be producing a substance that acts very much like a sedative. >> reporter: that sedative reacts like an these ya. the treatment doctors are using a drug normally used to help surgery patients wake up. vicky rush got the i.v. drug once during emory's research. >> the fog was lifting. you felt like you were really awake. >> reporter: so far, anna sumner is the only patient taking the medicine daily. >> i was existing before treatment but wasn't living. >> reporter: she's able to do tasks she was never able to finish before. anna's supply of medicine runs out next year, a terrorizing
7:38 am
thought. >> it's almost paralyzing. >> reporter: she and her doctors are on a mission to mass produce this drug, a drug they hope might help treat a wide range of sleeping disorders. >> it gives me the luxury of life. >> reporter: a luxury she never thought possible, not just sleep, but rests. doctors say it's the only treatment of the disorder that's so newly discovered, it doesn't have a name yet. savannah? >> thank you. coming up next, a new report about the dangers of those bounce houses your kids love. later, was it a wardrobe malfunction? justin bieber getting heat online for wearing overalls to meet the canadian prime minister. first, these messages. ster. but first these messages. and jingle was a good dog. ruff! ruff! jingle loved to bark hello. ruff! ruff! ruff! ruff! jingle even loved to sing.
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designed to match even salon color in just 10 minutes. trying to find a better job can be frustrating. so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum. so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. this morning on rossen reports, new warnings about bounce houses kids love.
7:42 am
jeff rossen is here with more on this, good morning. >> good morning, all of our ears perking up, including me. i bring my kids to these bounce houses all the time. they are big at birthday parties and carnivals. as a parent, you think to yourself, what can happen, they are soft and kushy, but this morning, alarming new numbers about kids getting seriously hurt. it's a wake-up call for all of us, those fun inflatable houses now responsible for a spike in injuries. doctors call it an epidemic. >> more than 30 children are treated in a hospital emergency room each day in this country with an injury associated with an inflatable bouncer. that equals a child every 45 minutes. >> that's dr. gary smith, just out with this landmark study in the journal of pediatrics, for the first time looking at bounce house injuries nationwide over
7:43 am
the last two decades. >> between 2008 and 2010, there was a doubling of injuries. the curve looks like this. >> it happened to little cassie stapleton. did you think your daughter could be hurt in a bouncy house? >> never, never. >> she was coming down the slide, when she fell, breaking her arm in two places. we're all guilty of it, you turn your back, think the kids are safe. >> absolutely. even the floor is soft. you think nothing can happen to them, but that's not the case. >> reporter: according to the study, sprains and fractures, some to the head and neck. 43% caused by falls, most inside the bounce house, with some kids bouncing out of it. 16% of injuries caused by other kids, collisions and rough-housing. what should parents do? >> consider limiting the use of kids 6 years and older.
7:44 am
>> make sure the kids playing inside are all around the same age. a 7 1/2 year old shouldn't be in there with 3 1/2 year olds. >> correct. >> safety is a top priority, the frequency of injuries is incredibly low and most happen because of misuse or a failure to follow guidelines. when you go to a bouncy house now, what do you do? >> play. >> play, are you careful? >> yes. >> you can see cassie is all healed now, but her mom won't forget that day. she raced her to the e.r. >> you have to keep your eye on them every second in a bounce house. they are not always foolproof and safe. >> she is cute. look, no one is saying keep your kids away entirely, you just need to know the risks. there are voluntary safety guidelines for bounce houses, but experts say that might not
7:45 am
be enough. manufacturers and doctors need to get together and figure out, they say, a better way to design these houses so the injuries can be lower. the graph showed doubling. >> it's how many kids get in those things at the same time, it's like bumper cars. >> some adults jump in there. >> never a good idea. up next, is prince charles getting tired of waiting to be king? new speculation about recent comments by the prince. that's right after this. that's after this. [ knock on door ]
7:46 am
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7:49 am
what he was saying in these comments is he wants to finish restoring one of his stately homes, but one thing it's a reference by the future king into when he might be able to move into this home. prince charles has seen his eldest son married and watch his mother celebrate 60 years on her throne, yet still he waits for the day when he will be king. in british history, no heir apparent has had to wait so long. now at 64, in an outburst of frustration, he's betrayed a hint of mortality. >> be patient, me? what a thing to suggest. of course, i am. i run out of time soon. >> reporter: his words made headlines in british papers, even though he was officially talking about work to restore a stately home. charles is famously one of the hardest working royals, running charities and speaking out on
7:50 am
issues he cares about, like global warming. >> if we do not create a big shift in our thinking and approach, humanity and the earth will soon begin to suffer some very grim consequences. >> reporter: but he worries the clock is ticking for him too, made worse by a recent poll that found prince charles less popular even than his new daughter-in-law. >> perhaps camilla and charles are in the sandwich generation of royals, okay, they are respected, but between the queen and william and kate, they don't get much of a look-in. doesn't matter what the public thinks, charles will be king one day. >> reporter: charles already often represents his mom, on a tour of australia last month, a successful trip. later in new zealand, he spent his birthday on the set of the new movie "the hobbit." >> on this special day, your
7:51 am
birthday, i offer myself on the request of topeka jackson for you to command as you see fit. >> reporter: one day, prince charles will be in command of an entire nation. but he may still be a few birthdays short of becoming king. royal experts say the queen will never give up the throne, not before she dies. she sees it as her duty. and, of course, savannah, the queen is still a young 86. her mom, the queen mother, lived to 101, which by my math suggests prince charles may have to wait until he's 79 to become king. >> what do they say there, long live the queen, right? thank you so much. >> in the words of the hobbit -- >> you know, being a royal must kind of stink sometimes. >> oh, so bad. >> hard life there. >> pardon me while i take my crown off and talk about how
7:52 am
rough it is. >> people reading into your remarks. >> i think it's crazy. if he was truly talking about this house -- >> it's terrible. >> you should meet my mother. >> flowy shirt, pregnancy starts. al always says that bald is beautiful. that's especially true when you're going bald for a good cause. >> that's true. indianapolis colts cheerleaders got their heads shaved to show support for the team's head coach chuck pagano, who's battling leukemia. >> these two young ladies, i think, raised $22,000 by shaving their hair off. the community has really rallied around coach pagano, it's been great to see. >> they are proving bald is, indeed, beautiful. >> if you have a face like that it doesn't hurt. >> doesn't hurt. coming up, some great cyber monday travel bargains.
7:53 am
plus dr. oz after your local news. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke. there is limited data on how these drugs compare when warfarin is well managed. no routine blood monitoring means bob can spend his extra time however he likes. new zealand! xarelto® is just one pill a day, taken with the evening meal. and with no dietary restrictions, bob can eat the healthy foods he likes.
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good mon morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the hospital that treated bryan stow for months after he was brutally beaten outside dodgers stadium last year wants the dodgers to pay up. san francisco general hospital is suing the dodgers for more than $1 million in reimbursement for the brain trauma care provided to stow.
7:56 am
the hospital lawsuit comes after stow's family filed their own suit against the team and its former owner in u.s. bankruptcy court. the case could set a new precedent for whether sport teams can be held accountable for third-party actions the at their events. time now to check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. going to take a while for this fog to clear. look at that. >> oh, yeah. it it's a good news/bad news scenario. the good news this is the sky that will prevail later on today and the bad news, this is what you have to drive with. as you make your way up the peninsula, the fog starts to get deeper and deeper so keep that in mind this morning. the next hour it should start to burn off. 67 in livermore, 67 in gilroy and 66 degrees today in san jose. as we head through tomorrow, we'll stay dry. then the rain arrives, a lot of rain on the way to the bay area. first storm comes through wednesday and thursday. another one friday into saturday and a third storm swings through late saturday into sunday.
7:57 am
let's check on your drive with mike. fog is an issue crossing the bay, anything north of the dumbarton bridge. here's the bay bridge. fog advisory issued by chp extended to probably 9:00. there's the backup. we look at the maps and see orange where it may be misty enough to be slick on the roadways. an accident west 80 right around barrett causes more slowing as that moves to the shoulder. slowing across the richmond-san rafael bridge. also slow westbound 580 approaching highway 13. an accident moving to the shoulder there. good slowing for 580 through oakland. 680 south is slow. laura, back to you. we'll have another local update in half an hour or so. have a great monday morning. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
7:58 am
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7:59 am
perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. we're now back at 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 26th day of november, 2012. and it looks beautiful in our little corner of the world right
8:00 am
now. we've got a great crowd gathered on this first monday after thanksgiving. however, mr. roker tells us that some nasty, slippery, slushy, cold, raslimy, weather -- >> i don't know if i would use the word slimy. >> when is that happening? >> wednesday. >> out of here by the tree lighting ceremony on wednesday night. >> it's cyber monday and a lot of people are watching the show with your computer in front of you and already shopping and where to find $230 laptops, a few days at a desert resort, crocs or workout gear, the place to find the very best deals on the items you want during this holiday season. >> and if you think you can only find healthy food at the farmers
8:01 am
market or the gourmet grocery stores, think again. dr. oz is here, and he'll debunk that myth. he'll explain how you can prepare healthy nutritious meals by shopping in the frozen food section, not just for ice cream anymore. >> and we've got the pros and cons of hiring family members to work with you in your small business. >> all right. >> interesting. >> and before we go any further, let's go inside. tamron hall is standing by at the news desk. filling in while natalie is away. tamron? >> hey, guys, good morning. good morning, everyone. sales on this cyber monday are expected to be as much as 20% higher than last year. technology has made it easier to shop online and an experts note it's also easier to return online purchases to brick and mortar store. americans will click and spend an estimated $1.5 billion on this, the busiest online retail shopping day of the year. congress is back at work today trying to avoid the
8:02 am
so-called fiscal cliff. taxes will go up for most americans, and automatic spending cuts will kick in if congress fails to reach a year-end budget compromise. south carolina senator linds e grah graham said he and other republicans would abandon their tax pledge if democrats agree to tackle entitlements. and president mohamed morsi has been criticized at home and abroad for giving himself more power at the expense of the judiciary. the egyptian stock market plunged. both sides have called for massive protests tomorrow. the faa says there was no risk to passengers when a flight about to land in cincinnati this weekend had to pull up suddenly from the runway because another plane had not cleared the landing strip. the plane landed safely on a second attempt. the flight had just come in from
8:03 am
st. louis. the florida sheriff's office that investigate d caylee anthony's death admits it missed what could have been a key piece of evidence. the department's computer investigator overlooked a google search for foolproof suffocation method made from the little girl eats home on the day she was last seen alive. caylee's body was found six month later and her mother casey anthony was acquitted of her daughter's murder last year. and now a quick roundup of had a has you talking online. chris brown has deactivated his twitter account after a couple of days. the last straw, a twitter fight with a woman criticizing him for his relationship with rihanna. lindsay lohan's lifetime movie "liz and dick" is getting trashed by critics and people at
8:04 am
home. it inspired tweet like gilbert gottfried sounds more like liz taylor. and even loyal beleibers are giving criticize to bieber who wore prime minister stephen harper. he tweelted i met the prime minister in overalls lol. in fairness to justin bieber, i told him i would be wearing my overalls, too. back to matt and savannah who are not wearing overalls, thankfully. >> i've got to say is that a good outfit for any occasion? >> maybe a little dressed down, maybe a little casual friday. i don't know what it was. >> exactly. >> tamron, thank you very much. mr. roker is down the plaza a bit with a check of the weather. >> i've been sometimes known to wear overalls and the weekend and they are very, very comfortable. got some folks.
8:05 am
where's southern oakes dentistry? >> south carolina. >> you know what they say, abscess makes the heart grow fonder. let's see what we've got for you as far as your weather today. we are looking at our pick city, portland oregon, news channel 8, looking for fog and daytime sunshine. a lot of wet weather in that neck of the woods. for today, clouds and no big problems. wet weather down through the gulf coast, severe weather later this evening. snow showers back through the northern plains and . 8:05 on a back to work cyber monday. we are looking good here in sunol where the fog is burning off. we have thick pockets out there. the thickest fog is located on the peninsula from san mateo to santa rosa. less than .25 of a mile
8:06 am
visibility. that fog will clear. we will see a nice sunny finish. temperatures in the mid-60s. 67 in livermore. 66 degrees in san francisco. rain moves in on wednesday. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al. thanks. coming up next, from fashion to travel, to the hottest technology, we'll let you in on the biggest bargains this cyber monday right after this. ♪ ♪ the truth about mascara is... it clumps. introducing a revolutionary new mascara. clump crusher...crusher. 200% more volume.
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♪ and we're back now at 8:09. in morning on holiday's gift guide, cyber monday deals. today is the biggest online shopping day of the year. >> have we mentioned that? and we have brought in three experts to help you find the best deals on everything from travel to the latest fashion. starting with electronics. natalie more sis a cnbc contributor. good morning to you.
8:10 am
>> good morning. >> first of all, what are your favorite sites? >> feels like there's been deals advertised all week. we did our homework and some of the good sites like newegg and staples and officemax have deals they saved for today. target as well and amazon. >> done the work. you like this, supportable hard drive. >> storage is not storage but you have to do it, so this is one of the more useful gifts. it's a 500 gigabyte storage hard drive, wireless. normally 199. on sale for $99 >> you mentioned the big office superstore. this one is from staples. tell us about this deal. >> a big momma of a laptop. normally $649. on sale for $230. >> wow. >> good that instant boot-up and boots up right away and less than five pounds, and it's -- i like this laptop. it's impressive for 200 bucks. >> good screen for watching movies, that kind of thing. >> exactly. >> this is office max printer. >> this is an all in one. it's going to print, scan and also copy.
8:11 am
it's normally $99 on sale for $49 and has a great wireless capability where you can use your app on a phone and print straight from there. >> tell us about this deal on this sony camera. >> this was voted one of "consumer reports" top three compact cameras from sony, normally $199 and on sale for $70. so tiny and fits right in your pocket and is really fast because you want to get the shots quickly. >> comes in fashion colors too. >> the kindle really big and can you get a good deal on it. >> you don't normally see the brand name tablets go on sale, $129, normally 159. this is the new kindle fire. if you're going to buy one of these, pull the trigger today because like i said they don't go on sale often. >> tell me about this, if you like house plants but you're prone to murdering them, this is a great thing because you put the water right in here and there's software that's going to sense when the plant knows that it needs water.
8:12 am
>> got to be kidding me. >> nutrients, plug it in and you never have to water it because this thing is going to do it for you. takes all the guesswork out of it, normally $59 and on sale for 29. >> wrap it up, i'll take it and this little helicopter. tell us about that. >> let's see if i can do this. normally $50 at target and on sale for $25. >> does it fly. >> it flies, ready for takeoff. >> has taken out a few leaves on the plant. >> there we go. >> and it lands as well. natalie morris, thanks so much and here's matt. >> now to the best travel deals. we have the features editor for "travel & leisure" magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> if you want the travel deals you must read the fine print. >> it's all about fine print. restrictions, blackout dates, but there are great deals and we have them for you. >> in other words, if i want to travel over this holiday season and i'm shopping today, is that going to be one of those restrictions? >> i think, you know, christmas
8:13 am
week, i think you'll have some tough times. tamron is saying she wants to go christmas week, that's a little challenging but after christmas there's a lot of opportunities. >> let's talk about some of the deals you like. starwood hotels and resorts offering a deal on hundreds of their hotels. >> 500 of their hotels. starwood, you think about with the hotels and the sheraton. sheraton copa is offering 145 a night and went through a $20 million renovation, great, great deal. >> trying to get people good deals. you like the viceroy hotels. >> deals at all 146 their properties for the property they have in santa monica. they are doing a ten-year anniversary deal where they are rolling back the prices back to what they were in 2002, so you get a room that would normally be $350 for 199 a night. >> tinge with the big names. >> marriott. >> amazing deal, 72% off for a $99 a night you can stay right at camelback mountain at one of
8:14 am
their beautiful cass noempts an incredible deal you can get until december 31st. >> another cyber monday deal at the reefs hotel and casino. >> offering 30% off from mid-april to mid-may and then another 20% off later in the season. >> let's go online today and i score a great deal, and then i have to cancel my trip for some reason. aim stuck? >> some of them you, are some you aren't. read the fine print, but there are amazing deals out there. not just products for cyber monday. >> appreciate it very much. happy cyber monday, and we're back with more cyber monday deals right after this. ♪
8:15 am
we're back with our cyber monday holiday gift guide, and we're moving on to the hottest fashion trends. we have a fashion and style expert. good morning, good to see you. >> thank you. >> this is my favorite topic. >> go to, throughout the day it will update the threads, almost like a twitter feed for your fashion finds. >> like a personal shopper. >> some other great deals we found. >> starting out with cool things
8:16 am
for kids. >> 50% off sitewide which is a great deal and have wonderful on-trend looks. a child's sensibility. 50% off sitewide and crocs is doing a great deal. 35% off sitewide with the code monday. >> i always thought crocs were the sandals but they have a huge range of items. >> these boots, so warm and cozy. big fan of the rain boots. >> and from fashion to beauty e ite else. >> nourish usda, offering 50%, body lotions, stocking stuffers. >> all organic. >> and this is another new beauty site and you'll get deals of up to 50% off with great beauty products, hair, nails, lip balms. >> beauty sets make great gifts. >> and working out, since we all stuffed ourselves. >> hard to go to the gym if you don't look good.
8:17 am
ipef is doing 40% off sitewide with the code cyber monday. great leggings, a huge fan of the fit and no logos on the bottom so you can dress them up. if you look good you're more anti-to go to the gym. >> they all have shapewear in there. >> yes. >> you can look extra good going to the gym. >> if you look good you feel like you want to go. >> and for the guys. >> landsend.come, i'm a big fan of their outerwear, normally 250, 30% off is a great deal and a wonderful christmas gift. >> good stuff, jen. thanks very much. happy holidays to you. a big thanks to all of our guests and up next dr. oz explains why you don't need to spend a fortune to help your family eat healthy meals right after this. you just got 5% off for using your red card. welcome home. she loves it. nintendo 3ds xl!
8:18 am
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♪ and let's hum, hum, hum, hum, let's hum ♪ i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter. introducing nook hd - the world's best 7" tablet made for reading and entertainment. your favorite magazines and catalogs look better than ever. and with scrapbooking,
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you can save the things you love, bring them all together, and be inspired like never before. scrapbooking. create yours with nook hd - and even bigger with hd+. find yours at barnes & noble. this morning on "today's health," a 99% diet. may seem like you need to be a wealthy member of the 1% to eat well and feed your family well, but in a new article for "time" magazine dr. mehmet oz said you can find healthy food right at your local supermarket. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> like the fact that you're writing over it that it seems like this myth has been created that you have to go to specialty stores and spend a lot of money to get healthy food. >> a lot of families don't think
8:21 am
they can field their family healthy foods. ordinary foods that are incredibly healthy. >> is this a marketing campaign that we all bought into? >> some marketing. in the best of all words you'd buy organic because it's better for the environment and often tastes a little better and does have things are niceties to have. you can eat well every day. >> inexpensively, at the supermarket. don't forget the frozen food section. don't forget canned foods. >> let's tell you about both of these. frozen foods, 100-year-old technology, flash freeze the food so it doesn't ruin the taste. fresh foods and vegetables harvested when they are ripe so they have the maximum amount of nutrients. when you freeze this way, they preserve 85% of the nutrients which is great. >> organic strawberries here versus going out and buying them in a market, how expensive are these? >> fraction of the price and the best part is there's no wastage. a lot of women know out there, buy with the best intentions, the kids don't finish the food and throw it away. you can eat out of >> why do you like canned
8:22 am
snoods. >> 200-year-old technology, quickly sealed so they don't go bad. you have all the benefits, salmon, most people don't think of a food they have to get in a can so they don't have to pay money for it, great shelf line. >> salmon, beans, corn. what about the worry that there's too much salt? >> today you don't need to have as much salt. asparagus doesn't taste as well in a can but tuna, beans. >> now meat. >> a portion of what it looks like and i wouldn't want you to have more than every other day. >> you don't have to go to a butcher. though i'm not trying to hurt the butcher's business here but you can find the good meat right in the supermarket. >> lean, the problem we have with meat, fry, it especially chicken.
8:23 am
here's a good way of doing, it put it in a wheat tostado and put vegetables around that and don't have to have a lot of lard with that. >> meats like this are fairly inexpensive. >> priced these out, very affordable. >> the next table contains foods that tend to get a bad rap. >> take peanut butter, the most pedestrian of all foods, as many unsaturated fats as olive oil and proteins and kids love it. >> do you have is to buy organic or good old fashioned skip? >> eat what you grew up with as long as you didn't add a lot of sugar or processed food. look on the label and make sure they don't add chunk to t.guacamole and salsa, one of my favorites, don't have it with fried chips, lose all the benefits. baked examples, but can you find many other sources. >> like pita chips. >> again, i don't want to get you lost in all of that. as long as it's not fried, there's licopine in this, get
8:24 am
all that you need. >> even as you're eating healthier you like to indulge yourself every once in a while and foods you can use to indulge yourself and they are not really going to hurt you. >> in the oz household the air popped popcorn is the way to go, chocolate is a good way to go, milk chocolate is not milk chocolate, milk fat and coloring. buy real chocolate. the more cocoa in it, the more it's bitter, the less you'll want to eat a tonight. i grew up with ice cream, finished a wonderful holiday, food is sacred, get the family around and celebrate life. i'm okay with ice cream but a serving size is one-quarter of the container, that that once in a while. >> in the in the lauer household. >> one thing about ice cream, you know, again, real ice cream. this has pistachios and a little bit of sugar but not a lot of junk added. >> dr. odd, good information. coming up, the pros and cons of
8:25 am
hiring your mom right after the local news. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. workers at the san jose international are getting
8:26 am
ammunition to deal with the birds at the airport. the airport has logged bird strikes since 2009 and they will use shotguns. they can use real bullets if necessary. currently only police and the military can fire guns at the san jose airport. the city council will have to approve the change. san francisco and oakland airports already use guns to clear the runways. mike. no reports of guns. 280 and 880. it was jammed with a car fire blocking the connector for a period. it has reopened. we have traffic on the right side. the jam on the map through the area on the interchange. we'll show you the peninsula. the orange highlighted is the misty roads. we are seeing a little sun peeking through at the toll
8:27 am
plaza for the san mateo bridge where the traffic is moving smoothly. laura, back to you. thank you very much. another local news update in a half hour for you. see you then.
8:28 am
oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue.
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8:30 am
8:30 now on this monday morning. it is the 26th of november, 2012, and today we are proud to announce our 19th annual holiday toy and give drive is under way, and, yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. this is actor ray liota serving as our elf today. this tradition around here helps millions of families across the country. we are collecting toys out here so if you plan on stopping by it's great that you can bring nun wrapped toys. >> the great thing about ray liota, played so many gangsters and for people without toys he's threatening. he's an efl, but savannah got a visit from the -- >> everything said privately doesn't need to be reported on
8:31 am
the air. >> a lost a molar. >> how much did you get? >> zero, a little trip to the dentist for me. >> to "today".com and we'll tell you all about it. >> a huge space. also ahead, you say your name and her fans just smile and sometimes they break out into song. we're talking about julie andrews, and now she is dreaming about a return to broadway which would be a very good thing for a lot of fans. we'll find out how she plans to do that. >> and the best thing about working with your family is you're working with your family. the worst thing about working with your family is you're working with your family. can be very tricky. we'll show you how you can navigate those possibly treacherous wars. >> and the reviews are in for the movie "liz and dick." supposed to be lindsay lohan's return to acting. apparently the critics all night long were sharpening their knives and have unleashed on lindsay. >> we're going to tell you.
8:32 am
>> i tried to watch it. >> you tried to watch it is not a ringing endorsement. >> got to keep it real. >> we'll talk about that. >> but first let's talk about the weather. first starting with "today," sunshine up and down the east coast. a risk of strong storms through the lower gulf and snow showers in the central plains. beautiful weather in the pacific northwest. tomorrow, that wet weather makes its way into the southeast with snow from the delmarva peninsula on up into new england. plenty of sunshine through the south and the gulf coast and on into the southwest. cold and sunny in the pacific northwest though they will be looking at some rain later on and lake-effect 8:33 on a back to work cyber monday. we're looking good in san jose. we have thick fog along the the peninsula. you can see for 8 miles or better. in downtown san jose, the same for livermore.
8:33 am
thick pockets of fog. you will be socked in from time to time. give yourself extra time. 67 in livermore. 66 today in fremont. rain on way and a lot of it wednesday through sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks. >> ray liota is here fresh off his elf duties. starring in the new gangster thriller "killing them softly." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> they are calling this the feel-good movie of the year. >> not calling it that. >> but you were kind of a nice bad guy this time around. >> one of the reasons i like this is because i'm the one -- i'm the aggressor going after everybody and they are all coming after me and beating me up. >> you like that. >> it was different. >> you have played such a variety of roles and yet when anybody is about to do a gangster movie are you on the short list of people who want to do that. >> do you like that? >> i wish the list was even
8:34 am
shorter though. i did a movie called "the identical" where i played a preacher and that was nice and different. i don't mind playing the bad guys. >> brad pitt, james gandolfini and richard jenkins. >> very good people. fun and a really good movie. >> any good holiday plans from acting? >> going down to visit my dad and every year we go up to disney world and we spend a couple of days at disney world and they just hang out with my dad. >> a gangster at disney world. >> wow, okay. >> there's the headline of the year right there. >> and there's a little homecoming for you. you did soap opera here. >> jimmy right there. >> wow, all these guys. >> like 35 years ago. >> he knows the guy. >> most importantly, thanks for taking part in this toy drive. we really appreciate it. >> and we should remind
8:35 am
everybody that "killing me softly" hits theater on friday. >> ray will stick around to speak with kathie lee and hoda a little later on. >> we'll catch up with lessons of the stage and see julie andrews here. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
>> she is already a hollywood legend and now julie andrews is sharing her talent with a group of up and coming actors with a theater in connecticut nbc's erica hill had a chance to sit down with dame julie. erica, good morning. that must have been fun. >> she happens to be one of the lovelyiest people on the planet, an icon of the screen and the stage. she's also a best selling author, and now she's bringing all of those passions together as her career comes full circle. ♪ the hills are alive with the
8:38 am
sound of music ♪ >> for over 60 years julie andrews has been entertaining audiences. first on stage and then the screen. ♪ ? but her latest role is perhaps the most exciting yet, director. >> that's a nice idea. >> reporter: "the great american muosical" is a labor of love, adapted from one of her children's book about some very tiny big stars with big dreams. ♪ october, october, october >> it's really about theater and the homage to the great broadway musicals that we love, but i never ever thought of it as being something for the stage. >> reporter: inspired at all by any little critters you ever met? >> i was in "victor victoria" on broadway and heard a little mouse invaded the wardrobe department. suddenly a light bulb went on in
8:39 am
my head and i said oh, my gosh what fun it would be to write about theater for children and bring it down to mouse size >> in this production the mice who live in the theaters are the stars and while originally written for children the stage version of "mousical" has very grown-up moments created by an a-list of actors who are still in awe with a chance to work with julie andrews. >> i walk in there. hey, you're mary poppins and i'm familiar with your work. she made an awesome cup of tea. >> we were here and we pinch ourselves every day. >> what she brings to the table from just, you know, the people she's worked with, the knowledge is, i mean, it's limitless. >> andrews debuted on broadway when she was just 19. ten years later she was holding an oscar for "mary poppins," followed by a string of stage and weather and screen roles from "victor victoria "request to "the princess diary."
8:40 am
when you look back at your career and you say this is the moment that i knew that this was going to work. >> when i realized that perhaps one could make just a small difference in audiences' lives and the pleasure that one can hopefully convey to them and the joy that i get in doing it, and somehow that's when it all came together for me because it is about the doing and the giving that is so rewarding. >> that doing isn't likely to stop any time soon. andrews just released her 27th children's book co-authored with her daughter emma watson hamilton. >> we laugh a lot when we work, and it's like playing in this delicious sandbox. >> and, of course, there's "mousical." >> watching this on stage and gauging audience reaction. >> it's wonderful to see what have you and get it on its knees, so to speak, and event
8:41 am
think get to its sglefeet. >> is your goal broadway? >> just a good show and if we're lucky enough to go to broadway or perhaps off broadway or regional theater, of course, it would be a dream come true to go to broadway. >> doesn't hurt when you have julie andrews at the helm. if history has a say "the great american mousical" may have a chance. 19 shows that debuted eventually made it to broadway, including "annie." >> thanks, erica. hiring your mom to work at your business. we'll get into the benefits and potential problems, but first this is "today" on nbc. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
8:42 am
8:43 am
u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
8:44 am
would you hire your own mother to work for you? "today's" national correspondent jenna wolfe is here with a look at a very unique business approach. jenna, good morning to you. >> unique indeed. hi, good morning. you know the saying, it's not personal, it's business. that's usually a pretty smart approach, but when you're dealing with your mom or with one of your kids, you're mixing business and biology and a whole new set of rules apply. >> from close. >> mom, that's the first time i didn't stop hugging for. >> to contentious. >> there's nothing quite like a mother/daughter relationship. good, bad or ugly, what happens when the traditional roles and rules get reversed? >> so you work with her, or do you work for her? >> i'm the boss. >> yeah, she's the boss. >> talk about keeping it in the family. that's what faith is doing by hiring whom she views as the most qualified job candidate,
8:45 am
mom. >> we have a relationship that spans both work and personal. >> reporter: at phat's graphic design company mom linda does it all, everything from keeping the books, to keeping her boss on schedule. is there any task too big or too small that she could ask you? >> no, none. whatever she would need i would be there for her. >> reporter: linda's no freebie. she gets paid, and she follows the rules. >> every once in a while i might say something, and she will just say mom, you know, and i know that i've overstepped my bounds. >> reporter: there are some 20 million family businesses in the u.s., and keeping it in the family has its rewards, but when you've got mom on the payroll, it also poses some special challenges. >> mom has to recognize that she's not the boss anymore, that the entrepreneur's the boss, and she's got to be willing to still those maternal instincts for the good of the business. >> reporter: celebrity blogger perez hilton says his secret
8:46 am
weapon is mom. >> beautiful to see the effort she's put into it, not being a great employee but being a great mom and working at our relationship together. >> reporter: as his self-described professional mom she is now on the payroll, errands, dog walking. she's a critical part of his team. have you had a share of road bumps along the way? >> definitely had road bumps, nothing in life is easy. >>reporter: how much has she helped? >> my mom has helped so much. i am so much happier today than i was five years ago when i was working alone. >> having mom as part of the team, i mean, it registered on a business level and an emotional level. it couldn't be bet sneer for faith and linda, not just good for the family, it's good for business. >> in the case of my clients, my clients all get my personal attention, but with me they also get a mom. >> linda says that working for her daughter is better than any job she's ever had, and it's
8:47 am
even more enjoyable than retirement. savannah? >> jenna, thanks. let's bring in a career expert nicole williams. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what we see in the tape piece, everything sounds divine but you've got to be real about this. if you're considering do this with your own mother or father, you have to set boundaries, is that your first piece of advice? >> absolutely. ultimately this is a professional role, and because you've got this familial relationship that you've had all your life it can be tough to know where you are, where your work relationships start and where your family relationships start, so, yeah, you need this role very clearly defined. >> a lot of times people -- how could you not, bring in your pre-conceived notions of that's something that mom would do and something that the daughter would do. how do you kind of avoid that? >> got to get away from that and have clear communication. in a family type relationship you've got to be crystal clear about what expectations are, and who you are as people because sometimes who we are as a family member is different than who we
8:48 am
are as a professional and you have to respect that on both sides. >> we spoke of the pitfalls but there are great rewards as we just saw. >> especial throw start a business. working 40, 50, 60 hours a week and to have this opportunity to build something with a family member, to spend that time together. >> the trust factor. >> yeah. it's absolutely true that it can be very, very rewarding but at the same time you have to be very clear about who is doing what and if you ever have to fire your mom could be a difficult situation. >> could be a bit awkward. >> yeah. >> it can affect not just those in the business relationship but the whole family. >> absolutely. in success and failure, entrepreneurs are putting their own money into it, and if there's a huge windfall, you know, how does that get distributed so it's a lot -- a lot to consider. >> yeah. a lot of risk but also some reward, too. nicole williams, thanks for the good advice. >> thanks. still ahead, a controversial new show "killer karaoke," is it
8:49 am
reality tv gone too far. some girls wish to grow up to be a princess. other girls wish to simply grow up. mae and bailey are friends battling kidney cancer at st. jude children's research hospital. we developed a treatment for their cancer that's helping kids like them across america. you know what i wish for? what's that honey? my hair back. and no more cancer. well, girls, st. jude is working on that.
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go to st. jude dot org or shop where ever you see the st. jude logo. "today's american story with bob dotson" comes from albion, iowa, where some say they have an angel in the shadows. bob is here to explain that. happy holidays, bob. good morning. >> happy holidays, everybody. >> good morning.
8:51 am
>> they do have a name for this angel but most people in the town haven't heard it because she works her small miracles mostly unnoticed. mary got tired of wishes and empty dreams. >> oh, no. >> reporter: so she started trading in cans to buy things for kids in need. >> when i first started, it was just a little thing. >> reporter: now -- >> oh, my god, i need more carts. >> reporter: retired schoolteacher from albia, iowa is rich in good intentions, but little else. >> please take it. >> reporter: yet each year she spends about $10,000 of her savings, another 20,000 she earns at albia athletic events working concession stands and tutoring students after school. >> now you're getting it. good so far. >> reporter: no, she also takes care of her father.
8:52 am
he's 100. >> because we really went overboard. >> reporter: brought him into her home after he started going blind. >> i have no idea what might have become of me. >> reporter: herb once took mary into his house. he had already adopted two boys and was in his 40s when he found her in an italian orphanage. your dad had something for you. >> this was the bear, and, you know, it's still in the family. >> i took it out and she didn't understand the english, of course. >> reporter: but she understood teddy bear. >> understood teddy bear. >> i think that's too old for him. >> reporter: 56 years later childhood toys still surround marry. >> just go ahead and do piecework, sweetheart. >> reporter: she came to realize. >> we had things because mom and dad didn't. >> reporter: they taught her to hunt for bargains.
8:53 am
>> only 30%. >> you don't want that. >> reporter: 90% off let's her clothe 500 kids. >> and you next. don't worry, i won't forget you, okay? >> reporter: behind every sweet face mary sees a tale of hardship and endurance and parents struggling to survive. >> they are working, working very, very hard, but they are barely making ends meet because they are making just above minimum wage. >> reporter: that's why marry is as constant as their need. >> did i put these on the wrong foot? you can tell i'm not a mother. >> reporter: she never had children of her own. she's not married, but each year mary fills this 7,000 square footwear house with all those gifts that light up little faces. >> oh, wow is that pretty. look at that. you like that? here you go, doll. just grab a pile, okay, hon. >> reporter: she enlists former students and their presents to
8:54 am
link the right present to the right child. >> she's made her place in heaven, she has. she's amazing. >> reporter: despite the small army of friends that help out what mary does is still mostly a secret. 20 years ago a young widow with three children under eight found some gifts at her front door after her husband died in an automobile accident. linda never knew who left them until mary hired her to take care of her. one day mary mentioned she wrapped gifts in newspaper comics, and i turned around and i looked at her and i said that was you? >> the daughter of the man linda is nursing had secretly sent her children gifts during the darkest time of their lives. >> oh, my god. i'm going to have to go back to work. >> reporter: a lot of us buy for the less fortunate during the holidays. mary shops sales year round, practically non-stop. >> there's no such thing as seasons. it's all one huge season. >> reporter: she rarely talks
8:55 am
about what she's done. what she's done. >> that's it, yeah, that's it. >> reporter: speaks for itself. >> okay. >> reporter: there may be no limit to what can you do if you don't mind who gets the credit. >> she doesn't take it, does she? really doesn't care about that? >> yeah. >> amazing. what a story. bob dotson, thank you so much. >> thanks. >> and coming up, never mind the bathrobe for mom or a box of candy for your sweetie, we'll check out the best tech toys for women. >> after your local news and weather.
8:56 am
good morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. los altos police seized thousands of pieces of jewelry and other items in bags. two women burglarized homes as far back as june. christina loren has the check on the forecast. the sun will be out at 3:00 p.m. in the city. you will see the sun at 3:00 p.m. in oakland as well. it is thick out there. some cities may not get the sun at all. fairfield, i'm talking about you. the rain arrives on wednesday and thursday and lots of it.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
we're back with "today" on this monday morning, november 26th, 2012. a pretty day. great day to get outdoors.
9:00 am
ironically it's a day that a lot of people will be spending indoors in front their computers because it is what we now call cyber monday. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, al roker and willie geist. how many of you are going to be shopping online today? >> yes. >> how many of you are going to be buying puppies? >> just a normal reaction. >> puppy-buying tuesday, what do you know that i don't? >> a big day, everybody buying online. >> cyber monday has shown black friday who is on boss. on track to be one of the biggest sale days of the year. americans are expected to spend $1.5 billion and do nothing at work. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and the laidies in our lives have spoken. they are done with the sweaters and the perfume. they want technology this year. >> do you agree with that. >> i like sweaters and perfume. >> in addition to the technology. >> we'll get some tablets, some phones and tvs and other stuff for the ladies in our lives.
9:01 am
>> always look towards hollywood for our fashion forward advice and if you don't want to break the bank doing that, we can show you how to dress like a move star, you and your little one, give you the celebrity look for less. >> cute. >> before we get to that lets go inside. natally is off and tamron hall is standing by at the news desk with a look at all the headlines, hey there, tamron. >> good morning, everyone. it's cyber monday and early indications show it's set to be one for the record books with retailers slashing prices online starting at midnight. today is expected to be the biggest internet shopping day of the year for the third year running. americans are expected to spend some $1.5 billion on this cyber monday, up 20% from last year accord to research firm com score. bipartisanship may be imminent where lawmakers head back to capitol hill racing against the clock to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. bush era tax cuts are set to
9:02 am
expire for most americans and sweeping defense to government promise lake defense and medicare go into effect. officials in massachusetts are blaming a powerful gas exexplosion on human error. the blast injured 18 people and damaged dozens of buildings when it ripped through springfield's entertainment district on friday night. state fire officials say a utility worker actually punctured a high pressure underground pipe while looking for a gas leak. a record powerball jack the this morning as the top price now increases to some $425 million. that's the biggest prize ever for the game. saturday's drawing yielded no winner, and with the lottery ticket sales soaring the jackpot could get to even higher by next drawing on wednesday. and hollywood endured a record thanksgiving weekend box office grossing about $290 million from wednesday to sunday. leading the way was "the
9:03 am
twilight saga: breaking dawn part 2" bringing in 43 million and "skyfall" came in second followed by steven spielberg's "lincoln." swans aswimming, geese a-laying and golden rings have all risen in price. never thought i'd read anything like that in my career. as a result buying every item mentioned in the 12 days of christmas will cost you, if you're wondering, $107,000. that's a 6% jump from just last year, unless, of course, you find some nice cyber monday deals, and over the thanksgiving holiday internet users did not trade their mobile devices for drumsticks. turns out that thanksgiving day was instagram's busiest day ever peeking at 226 photos posted per second. more than a million pictures related to thanksgiving were posted to that site beating the
9:04 am
previous record set by superstorm sandy. you can find good samaritans under water, 250 miles south of baja, mexico, look at this, this dive crew found a distressed whale shark dangerously tangled up in some rope. the team made a couple of attempts and were finally able to cut it loose and free the giant creature. amazing. it is now four minutes after the hour. back to al with a check of the weather. hey, al. >> sounds pretty cool. >> and we'll get to our lovely person who is donating stuff for our toy drive in just a second. let's show you what we've got weather-wise for you. take a look. we're talking about a risk of strong storms from houston, texas, all the way to alexandria, virginia and isolated tornadoes later today on into tonight. we're looking at rain firing up and making its way causing some problems from houston all the way to new orleans and north, you can see snow stretching tomorrow into early wednesday, from boston all the way back to
9:05 am
charleston. snowfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of snow from harrisburg north of philadelphia, from hartford on just west of boston. let's take a look and show you what we've got as far as our first official day of our annual toy drive. earlier this year ray liota was collecting and we've got jill wedding from our fine friends at mary kay thanking us or helping us out here. you guys have always been so great to us, jill, and i think this year is no exception. >> that's true. this year we're thrilled to be back with mary kay and we have a $7 million donation this year. >> wow. >> that's a total of 32 million over the last eight years that we've joined forces with you all so on behalf of our mary kay employees and consultants across the country we have a donation of our toys and fabulous skin and hair care
9:06 am
9:06 now. still dealing with thick fog at the surface. mostly confined to the peninsula at this point. let's show you how it looks at the golden gate bridge. san bruno, it will break through the clouds. 67 in san francisco. we have a good-looking day shaping up. tomorrow as well. the rain moves in wednesday into thursday. could be measuring 3 to 4 inches by sunday. now to today's "take 3" where we share our views on stories that have you talking. >> i snow what's got you talking. >> al, you sat down, haven't had a chance to fully absorb what's happening down here. >> wow. >> feast your eyes. >> our take one is cyber monday madness, and when could be more mad than these. do you want to walk us through what's happening. >> you want me to walk in it. >> wow. >> these are obviously jean boot
9:07 am
shoes. >> jean boot sandals. >> yes. >> they are an actual thing. >> they are. >> designer. >> do you get to wear one. >> you get two. >> there's problem, but the problem is we have on tight, and when i read the note they are boot. they are sandal boots, you don't see these every day. >> here's how they are supposed to look. >> i like the short ones. >> this is cyber monday and there's a lot of very interesting homemade or vintage items, jean boots just one of the items. >> i have a few more questions. >> sounds like you're trying to move past. >> i'm not ready to do that. >> the pockets here, that's an actual pocket. >> vintage jeans. >> mine are acid watch. >> keep your car crease. >> i put my comb in here. >> i think the overall theme is -- >> overall. >> justin bieber. >> no, the theme is customized
9:08 am
gifts. so easy to give people like generic things and what's hot and what's not. a lot of monogram is really popular. would you get this for your wife? >> absolutely not. thank you for asking though. >> how about pajama jeans. >> that i can do. >> or a snuggie. >> snuggies are good, too. >> are you cyber monday shoppers? >> yes, i've already done some. >> to me it's better than going out in the mall stampede on friday. >> absolutely. >> free shipping, free returns. why would you -- macy's had 11,000 people thursday night waiting to get into the store. >> but a lot of people like to look and touch and feel before they buy. >> bring it to me, can i touch it at home. >> i was going to say. >> without even touching these. >> you know exactly what to do. >> why don't they make things like this for men. >> i don't usually pick cyber monday. >> what do you think about the actual going out and shopping on thanksgiving? up 128% over the last five years. >> apparently people enjoy doing it. walmart had a huge night. >> up too far for me.
9:09 am
rushing off your thanksgiving table to go to the mall. i don't see it. just don't see it. >> unless the deal is amazing and something you really can't live without, like a flat screen that's 90% off. >> really buying stuff for somebody else. >> that's true, right. >> our take two is something a lot of people are talking about this morning. lindsay lohan, as you probably heard, played liz taylor in the lifetime movie that aired last night called "liz and dick" about the lives of liz taylor and richard burton. not great reviews. >> i confess to not having seen it so i'll withhold judgment. >> al isn't going to withhold judgment. >> i have no judgment because i did not see it so that would not be fair. >> oh, you didn't. >> no, no, i -- our producer angela said are you watching it right now and i said oh, absolutely. >> i saw that e-mail. >> you know, look, i had to get up early. >> so our panel of experts, none of us have seen it. >> i saw five minutes of it. >> five minutes. >> maybe three. here's the deal. i think -- >> maybe three.
9:10 am
>> whatever she does -- whatever she does is a challenge, but to take on the role of liz taylor i think, that was -- that was always going to be a hashtag fail. >> this is as much as tamron said. >> another notch on belt. i've heard the stories, all the leading ladies except julie andrews. if she can resist you, fine. >> oh, you misunderstand, you're quite safe with me. >> is it too much of a distraction at this point to have lindsay lohan in your movies because it's never going to be about the movie, about her and her personal life? >> probably could have done the best job ever and people would have still gone after her. >> you don't take on liz taylor at that point. could have done like a "parenthood," something fun and girly. >> that would have been great. if she's had played the mom in "parent trap. ". >> the did i say "parenthood." >> bring it all the way back, bring it full circle. >> that would be mom.
9:11 am
>> and the mom could have a twin sister. that would have been fantastic. >> would you hire lindsay lohan for a film if you were a director at this point? >> depends on the movie. if it was a comedy, maybe, i might do something like that. >> "means girls 2," she needs something fun and young. >> a very ambitious undertaking. giving her credit for having the confidence to try it. >> our take three is called killer karaoke. i confess, i know it's a little stupid, i know it's a little gross, but i was watching these clips this morning laughing out loud in my office. >> getting a lot of buzz. >> "killer creaky," a show on trutv hosted by steve-o of "jackass" fame. singing karaoke while you're being tortured. i think we have a little clip.
9:12 am
♪ ♪ >> the funnier one was the one when her competitor had to serve steve-o a five-course meal while being shocked around his body with electric dog collars. >> he's singing here, but it's all for a good laugh. >> what's the song? ♪ come back for me >> by the way. >> not like happy birthday. >> isn't that kind of s & mish, kind of odd? >> you know what you're giving. >> al gave me grief for loving
9:13 am
honey boo boo. going to give him grief for this? >> amazing how many people are tortured at a karaoke bar. >> no dog collars needed to be torture that had way. coming up, gadgets aren't just for guys. what women really want for the holidays right after this. choose an appetizer made for sharing. then two delicious entrees from five of our favorites. classics like eggplant parmagiana. or new favorites like smoked mozzarella chicken. three courses, two people, just $25 but only for a limited time. go olive garden. and try our unlimited homemade soup, crisp salad, and warm breadsticks lunch, just $6.95.
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can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. i've got to get breakfast ready for my two leading ladies. while managing their schedule with my producing partner. i set up kid's corner so they can learn and play games without deleting my stuff. "working mom" is sometimes a tough role to play,
9:16 am
but it's definitely the one i was born for. [ clattering, children laughing ] and...action. that's me. and this is my windows phone. [ male announcer ] new windows phone. reinvented around you. ♪ this morning on "today's tech," gifts for women, tech gadgets topping women's list this year. kelly, good morning. >> good morning. >> i love that you're doing this because i hate the stereotype that women don't like technology or we can't be techies. >> many people think tech and
9:17 am
men, clearly not the case. we ask every year. tech the same, topping the list of women. >> things up on your list. a smart tv, this from samsung. what's the thing with smart television? >> bringing the internet into your television. >> women joke saying size doesn't matter. >> oh, it does. >> women want their 55 inches, watch your favorite show up there in the left, the "today" show and have a whole stream of apps, can you search the web. >> fitness, load it up. >> and this is so forry, family story. you take a picture, a friend, your kids, send that to your mom, your friends, whatever, and then it will pop up on their scream if they have a smart-tv as well while they are watching thr favorite show so a way of the future. >> pricey, technology always, is a little over $1,000, but it's very, very nice. >> for all that it has, a beautiful set. >> moving on to the mini ipad. why do women prefer this?
9:18 am
>> the most coveted item for women because you want to take your ipad wherever you go. >> throw it in your handbag. >> and this you can throw in your handbag, as thin as a pencil, light, feel how light that is. 53% thinner or lighter than your traditional ipad. the screen is larger than many of the other tablets out there. >> beautiful. >> small enough in my house hold to hide it from the kids. >> perfect. >> i have a regular ipad, wish i had the mini. >> put it on your list. >> moving on to the foodie in your family and the gadgets. that is huge blender. >> it's a vitamix and juicing being all the rage, so popular. you can make peanut butter, guacamole, bread. stop, it we've got tomato juice and women like that it's compact so it can fit underneath. >> safe to give this kitchen appliance because it's so cool. >> exactly.
9:19 am
>> moving on, this is a very popular gift, and it makes your list. >> yeah. it's the clarisonic aria brush. >> feel this on your skin. you have beautiful skin. >> oh, thank you. >> this is said to clean your skin six times better than your hands, gets rid of the blemishes, the fine lines and wrinkles. >> i like this a lot. >> it has a charger, and it's easy toe use and a popular item. >> very popular. >> and very relaxing, don't you think? >> i want to take a nap now. come on over, what have you got? >> this is ninthu wii-u. >> what's the difference. >> we're all using our smartphones and people playing videos on their tablets, this is basically described as an ipad and traditional console in one with a whole new wii-u, have an experience playing on the game pad, on the television. >> something set up to play.
9:20 am
>> we are going to play sing party so what you're going to do is hold this and get it going there. >> and i'm going to be behind here. >> okay. >> do we need to add a mike. >> let's add our mike. >> all right. >> it's not -- it's not working. it's not working. i was going to have you singing "walking on sunshine." >> didn't know you would have me singing, kelly. let me tell you why these also popular, especially for mom because when they come home and kids are playing wii-u, they want to watch their favorite show, many of the games kids can play on the game pad and they can get the television back to themselves. >> like the way you think. >> i didn't want to sing on national tv. staying debt-free this holiday season, but first, these messages. i'll sing when the mike goes off. ♪
9:21 am
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9:24 am
still to come on "today," celebrity inspired styles for your kids. >> plus, how to hit the stores this holiday season and stay debt-free. >> strategy for you. >> and the five facts you need to know about holiday weight gain. why do they give that to me? but first your local news. enter. your favorite magazines and catalogs look better than ever. and with scrapbooking, you can save the things you love, bring them all together, and be inspired like never before.
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9:26 am
police finally caught him in concord on friday after a week on the run. the teen killed a man on november 16th during a carjacking and tried to kill a san jose police officer. they are not releasing his name because he is a minor. his accomplice is jonathan wilbanks. we will have a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
9:27 am
welcome back now. taking a live look at a big bowl of pea soup. that's what it looks like this morning. the fog is lifting above the highway, but it is dense in parts. you want to travel cautiously. this is one of the areas, san rafael where you will find the fog. look at san jose. almost completely clear. it is a good idea to give yourself plenty of extra time. it is cold out there.
9:28 am
47 degrees in livermore. 49 degrees in gilroy. i want to point out that the tule fog is a problem right now. you can only see for 50 feet or less. nonetheless, the sun will break through later on warming us up into the 60s. 65 for concord. 65 for fremont. 65 in san francisco. tomorrow, we're going to see another dry day. temperatures in the 60s. the rain, lots of it, arrives wednesday and thursday. the second system moving through saturday and sunday. mike, we will be busy this week. we are slower today. folks will allow extra time. we have not had a lot of accidents. we had a lot of slowing on the san mateo bridge. the fog is starting to burn off in many spots. here is oakland 880. you cannot tell because palo alto looks the same. the drivers are moving smoothly past the coliseum. here is the peninsula side.
9:29 am
slow for south 101. north 101 through mountain view is bogged down. starting to clear up and a quick view here. back to you. it is foggy out there. thanks for joining us. another update in a half hour. >> good morning. >> am i all right? >> perfect. >> scarlett johansson and psycho
9:30 am
star janet leigh. the new movie thriller "hitchcock." i'm al roker here with willie dwist and tamron hall. already hit the malls for black friday -- >> this is like my -- >> black friday and we got all knocked over. >> you got knocked over? >> yeah. >> we'll talk to you about black friday later. >> i'm sorry, she drew me in. >> more about her new film. >> and the oscar buzz surrounding her new movie? >> what was that like filming your movie? >> it was fun and something that i wouldn't just like get in my head and start like saying. this is something i'd do for hollywood and i'll start making
9:31 am
this my career, but i would do it over and over again for all my life. >> how did you break into acting at such a young age? are you 9 years old now? >> yes. >> you did this move we you were 6. how did you get the part? >> it was just like an audition that my mom called and said that they had a good audition for a 6 to 9-year-old and i was only 5 and my mom said i can't bring her, she's too young and they started talking over and over about it and they were just like, okay, she hung up the phone and asked me would you like to go to you a disand i said let's go give it a try and i went and they kept calling back and back and back. >> and there you go. >> your movie is "beast of the wild." you play a little girl who lives with her dad in the back woods of louisiana. was that -- was that kind of scary at all? >> no, because it was my mother goes fishing back there, but it wasn't like all in those regions. it was just like where at the
9:32 am
end where we walked, and some places were kind of creepy, but not all places, some. >> people are saying that, you know, you could win an oscar for your -- do you know -- you know what the oscars are. >> the golden man. >> yeah. come on, tamron. >> the golden man. >> okay. the golden man could go home with you. is that kind of scary or exciting? what does that feel like? >> it's exciting, and to know that people think i might get it is very exciting and touching to me because some people think i really get it. >> i love you so much. do you need a babysitter, i can babysit. >> i don't know. >> you're like the most perfect child i've ever seen in my life. >> it's okay. you're never going to see her again. i love her. i want her to be mine. >> we've got her. >> the scary lady. >> it's okay. i'll let you visit your mom. >> okay. >> wow. >> okay.
9:33 am
>> as state and local authorities move in. >> thank you so much. >> it's my clock. >> "beast of the southern wild. ". >> the we go through this every day. you get to go home. >> sorry. >> did you have a good time? >> yes. i loved it. >> good to meet you. congratulations. >> thank you. >> "beast of the southern wild" is the film. >> all right. let's check our weather, and while we get security in for tamron. >> she's just so cute. >> a risk severe storms today down through the gulf coast with plenty of sunshine along the west coast. lake-effect snows around the great lakes. tomorrow we've got more rain down to the southeast. snow stretching from washington all the way up to boston. sunny and cold in the pacific northwest and sunshine and warm through the southwes 9:34 now. it's time for the fog to start burning off.
9:34 am
that is what we are noticing over the bay area. the golden gate bridge, you have to wait potentially until noon or 1:00 this afternoon. that sun will be out in full force warming us up into the 60s. 65 in fairfield. 66 degrees along the peninsula in redwood city. changes, big time changes, around the corner. a wet pattern wednesday. >> willie is your favorite now. >> it's like creeping all over me. >> this kid, even though she's dissing me. >> why should she be different than the rest of us? >> don't eyeball me, kid. coming up next, seven strategies for the holidays without getting into debt. right after this. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib:
9:35 am
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no hoops to jump through. that's 1% back on... [ toy robot sounds ] 2% on pumpkin pie. and apple. 3% back on 4 trips to the airport. it's as easy as... -[ man ] 1... -[ woman ] 2... [ woman ] 3. [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. this morning on "today's money," seven simple ways to escape the holiday debt-free. with the gift shopping season in full swing easy to get lured in by store sales and cyber monday deals you can talk about, but you can still spread a little cheer without overspending. we have the editor-in-chief of "essence" magazine. constance, thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> how do we pull the stress out
9:39 am
of the holidays? >> we always want to remember the holidays are about joy, joy. >> sad we have to remind people. >> so you want to minimize the stress and, therefore, you want to maximize all the savings because, of course, spending can be a source of stress. women have so much going on around the holidays, we're planning, we're having relatives and friends over. we're shopping. we're cooking, and so take a moment and relax. >> all right. we've got some ways you can do that. >> let's start with preparing a spending plan. how do you do that? >> you've got to get that binder, get that tablet, whatever it is. write down a list of everyone who you want to get gifts for and then a lot a budget to each one and stick to it. so once you get that in place, that's really the beginning of it all. i hear so many women say i go out and i start shopping, shopping, shopping with no idea who they are shopping for and how much they want to spend so that's number one. >> seems like after you have that done, start looking for some deals, coupons, a lot out there, free shipping, things
9:40 am
like that. >> snip the coupons, download the coupons, a big source of savings, and in shipping look for the retailers that are offering, brick or mortar, online, retailers offering free shipping and there's a free shipping day, december 17th. >> that's good to know. >> and right up to the next holiday christmastime free shipping from a lot of retailers go, to to check that out or check in with your favorite retailer. >> a lot of technology at our fingertips whether it's facebook or twitter. using social media can actually save you money. >> be social. that's what it's for. follow people online, friends on line or just strangers who are your online friends, and they will point to you great deals, whether you're on facebook or twitter or foursquare, you can find great deals and a lot of retailers these case have their own social media pages. go to them and see where the deals are. >> and you can save a little on the back end down the road by using the rewards that come with the credit cards. a lot of people don't think that
9:41 am
way, but if you use the right card you can make up the money later. >> take american express, for example, use your membership rewards. you have -- you have accumulated from american express towards shopping, and put away the credit card. credit card is a great source of pain and social scientists have said credit cards help separate us from the pain of shopping. you want that pain right there so you know what you're spending. >> immediate pain is better than prolonged pain. >> very. >> a couple quick ones, start early. i don't know if people think about this one. get to the store before it opens essential >> i not just a ruse for shopping online. a lot of retailers put out their best deals early in the morning. plus, you save yourself time and stress battling the crowds, so in the morning is a great time to go out and shop. >> and use some cash when you get out to do it is another one. >> use that cash. it's very important. double up on discounts. you can go online an get
9:42 am
discounts, and then, for example, at macy's, take that card to a customer appreciation day and you've got double the discounts. >> the holidays are about joy, right? >> about joy, and please remember to relax. do your spa day or spa time at home for yourself. >> sounds good. constance white with "essence" magazine. >> good to see you. >> up next, celebrity style for your kids for less. that's right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life.
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this morning on "today's style," how to dress your kids like a tinsel town to the. here to show us how to get the coolest duds for the kids is our fashion expert. >> you have your sixth baby on the way? >> for me four, but this is our sixth, brady bunch. >> with six kids you know about style. >> yes. >> and you know how to make your kids funk it up a little bit. kat katie and tom cruise's daughter
9:47 am
seweri. >> she is a fashionista. this is lindsey. she has a chanel inspired faux fur purse on. got her bling shoes and if you notice she's got the too-too skirt on. >> one of the hottest trends, skirts with any kind of toule. she loves a headband. this is a picture that seweri is wearing t.hand that had to sewer irk. loves colorful headbands and lindsey has a similar one. >> just her entire outfit, with suri's tight, love the face this kid is making. >> her favorite part the shoes, and the purse. >> you look adorable. >> and next up is halle berry's daughter nala. why is her style so popular? >> she's just beautiful and a look that's effortless. it's like she's just cool.
9:48 am
she's like comfy meets rocker chick. >> how do we replicate that, take a big oversized tunic or dress over a pair of leggings and throw on a big chunky sweater and some really cute boots. >> and gray is good for little girls. >> looks fabulous, a little punch of color were the lavender. >> thank you so much. >> bye, maia. >> next up is mason, kourtney kardashian's little boy, he's got style. >> wearing a scarf and cable knit. >> this is henry, you want to wave? henry is waving a cable knit with elbow patch and wearing retro vintage jeans, dark denim and wearing the same shoes that mason has. we went with a crew cut j. crew scarf instead of burberry. his parents couth any and scott are styling and so is mason.
9:49 am
>> you are working that camera. >> next up -- >> he's like. >> genostewen stefani's boy has really edgy style. >> okay, henry, can you go. >> got to love it. >> and let's look at these boys. kingston and zumi here. jase has the kingston look going on, truly the little hipsters. >> don't often see boys in red jeans. >> the skull and crossbones, guitar brim on and his head phones. graphic ts are huge, zuma, combat boot look going on. he's wearing little trend stars. >> all right. real quick. we'll get to one more quick look, honor, jessica alba's
9:50 am
daughter, and we have 4-year-old ella, come on out, ella and enjoy the boys. they are not leaving. the boys aren't leaving for some reason. here they are, the ladies' turn. >> hi, daddy. >> i love it. >> this is ela. ela is just precious. has a twin sister named olivia, wish i could have them both here >> i can't see daddy. >> ela is wearing a crew krutz j. crew scarf over an old navy performance fleece, wearing j. crew cut neon leggings. >> so cute. >> and little gray suede booties. >> ela, thanks so much. >> quite a crew here. we'll be back, but first this is "today." daddy's at home. this is "today" on nbc. >> ella, ella, wave to
9:51 am
oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train
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good morning. on "today's 5 facts," the dreaded holiday weight gain. this time of year can present plenty of diet challenges so here is w surprising stats is "today" nutritionist and contributor joy bauer. the amount of weight gain during the holidays, as much as we think or less. >> i think i'll make a lot of people happy. between thanksgiving and new years's we gain on average only one pound. >> no. >> one measly pound. >> people are so surprised because you assume with all the fattening holiday fare we put on five, ten pounds. not so. the only downside, and this is according to research in the "new england journal of medicine," we don't take it off, so what happens is we gain one pound this year and another pound the year after. so it's important to really pay attention. forgo the stuff we can get year rou round. >> do they -- >> it is a little bit
9:54 am
depressing. now it turns negative so for regular american exercises, december is at its all-time low, and that's a bummer because exercise accomplishes so much. of course it burns some of the extra food calories that we're eating. it also helps to de-stress and a lot of people are caught up in holiday chaos, and to me i think the best part about exercise during this season is that it helps you to press the reset button after a night of really overindulging, and gyms are pretty empty so if you show up you can get on pieces of equipment that you want. >> what's our biggest challenge around the holidays because it seems like we're at a holiday parties, a lot of feasts and grazing before dinner. right, and at the office place there's sweet treats everywhere. did a poll on and our viewers said it's the excessive food and abundance of holiday parties, and it makes sense because there's food everywhere. you're not paying attention. >> any type of foods? >> i think people tend to pick the sweet treats as the number
9:55 am
one go it to but after that it's the savory sides and hors d'oeuvres. they love them as well. >> why are parties difficult for us? >> well, when we eat in groups, six or more people, we don't pay attention. first of all, there are food pushers in the bunch. eat a little bit of this, eat a little bit of this and you end up gobbling 75% more than you want. >> 38 billion calories in egg
9:56 am
it is 9:56. good morning. i'm marla tellez. the trial for a teenager accused of shooting and killing a 3-month-old baby is set to begin this morning. prosecutors say the teen fired on a mother and father as they were leaving on a baby shower in june of last year. the bullet hit the couple's baby boy killing him. the mother was also hit as she tried to shield her other child in the backseat of the car. police say he mistook the family for rival gang members. he has been charged with murder and attempted murder. as far as the forecast goes,
9:57 am
a lot of forecast. let's get a check of the forecast with christina. >> we have a good-looking finish today. 67 degrees in livermore. 67 for santa teresa. very close to average this time of year. major changes ahead as of wednesday morning. look at the rain headed to the bay area. a wet commute on wednesday morning. showers starting to subside as we head into wednesday evening and another round of rain for thursday. another storm system over the weekend as well. your seven-day forecast paints a dreary picture. we will update you throughout the week. let's take a look at the drive with mike inouye. we have the fog at the lowest level here north of university away from us to the top of the screen. some fog in foster city.
9:58 am
if we could get that peak off the bridge. we are looking at 680 which is slow through sunol due to an accident at the grade. we have the back up at the plaza. some fog in the east shore freeway. mist in spots. marla, back to you. thank you. we'll be back with our next update in 30 minutes. see you again at 10:26. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
9:59 am
♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb.
10:00 am
live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, so glad you're with us, it's fun day monday. it's cyber monday, november 26th. one more thing i don't get involved with at all. >> a lot of clicking on the computers today. they bought a lot on black friday. >> really black thursday. >> why don't we just do it all year round and stop pretending it's really a holiday. >> exactly. they do have this thing called that someone was talking about if you want to ship gifts and go to, there's a day you can ship for free. >> that's great. it does save an awful lot of money. people are watching their pennies more than ever before. as upsetting as it is watching people in the holiday spirit absolutely stampeding one another in the holiday spirit of love and joy and good will to all men, there's the other side
10:01 am
of it, which is, like you pointed out this morning, people going through desperate times and want to make sure their children have a nice christmas. it's complicated these days. >> it is, but thanksgiving wasn't. are you still full? >> i didn't overdo it this year. that's the one time of the year, yeah, everybody helped a little bit, but we had 27 people at our house. great to be home, kids are home. any time my kids are home, i'm thrilled. how about you, hoda, you had a house full. >> i want to show you where we spend most of the holidays. look at ella, we were screaming hot dog for no apparent reason over and over. >> ella just jumped up in your lap and cuddles. >> we went to the parade. that's hannah and her daughter jade. we were watching the thanksgiving day parade, which
10:02 am
was such a trip. >> gorgeous day. >> sun was on us, it was in the mid 50s. this is our thanksgiving table. look, that's how we do it. everybody squeezing around. that's my brother, it was his birthday as well, his wife, and my mom. again, hot dog! for no reason. screaming over and over was the thing. >> what memories you're making. >> it was so great. we had such fun. that's them dressed up as walruses together. we went to radio city, by the way, riveted, riveted. >> it's always a great show. >> ella, being 2 -- >> it's a visual feast. always something to look at. no moment for them to get at all bored. they love their auntie hoda. settles down a bit. when you don't have children and it's nothing but nonstop children, it's so joyful but exhausting, isn't it? >> i know it sounds trite, but for a short moment i understood
10:03 am
what it's like to have two kids. my mom's laughing, i know, but the point is, you realize to go take a shower takes time. they are there and you can't just go in the shower, even if you're dying for a shower. then when you're in, auntie hoda, are you coming out? i get it, a little. not a lot. >> and you want a dog? >> yes, i'm getting a dog soon. >> wait till you get that dog and how your life will change. everyone's talking about on lifetime last night at 9:00 sharp, people were watching "liz and dick" about elizabeth taylor and dick burton. this was supposed to be her comeback. looked a lot like liz taylor. >> i didn't see the show. we're going to show some clips. >> got terrible reviews, just letting you know. here's some clips. >> the great actor richard
10:04 am
burton. please, has anyone ever told you you're a very pretty girl? >> you know, i had the misfortune of meeting the rudest actress today, who walked away in the middle of my sentence. obviously, incapable of recognizing a shakespearean poise. >> is there anything else i can do for you? >> is that what you thought, another notch on the belt? >> please! >> all the leading ladies except julie andrews, well, if she can resist you, so can i. >> who do you love, me or eddie? >> you. >> a little louder, please, for the room. >> i love you. >> not that i'm counting, but if i'm not mistaken, you've just ended, what, your fourth marriage? >> who's counting? >> it might be a record for the
10:05 am
29 year old. >> what am i supposed to do, i love the man, end of story. >> i was hoping better for her. i was really hoping. this is a young woman i've known since she was 12. i don't know her well, obviously, but interviewing her, watching her career. such promise, darling little red-headed freckled girl when she did "parent trap." she played it so beautifully. then we've all sort of watched this meltdown over the years that just breaks your heart. >> yeah. >> any human being having that kind of struggles, i think she's been in rehab six times, arrested, who can keep track? but i think she was truly hoping this was going to be her comeback. what i fear now, hoda, she does not have the emotional or spiritual reserve in her to withstand this kind of devastating reviews. she'll take them personally and not put them in perspective and have a wealth of spirit to draw
10:06 am
on and self strength, you know. she doesn't have that, obviously, because of what she struggles with. somebody has got to get a hold of her and love her back to life. >> it was hard to watch, i got to tell you. you expect a lot, and her co-star in the movie was interviewed by billy bush on access holiday and talked about how she didn't really run through lines with him, did one take, was quite late. some of this is self destructive. >> when you get that shot, you've got to -- people who love her should have stayed around her, made sure she was there on time. what does she pay managers and agents for? make sure she's ready to do the work. she's capable of the work, but you can't have yes people. >> it was not one moment -- >> i'd love to get a yes person. i don't get a yeah or maybe. >> there wasn't one moment in that movie i wasn't reminded that's lindsay lohan.
10:07 am
there was not a moment you got lost in the movie and thought, oh, my god, i'm feeling. >> his voice sounded similar -- >> one more quote, one more thing. >> what's going on? oh, don't tell me it's another one of those damn fires. mother? what is going on? >> it's richard. he's dead, hon. oh, my god! elizabeth! [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i feel awful. everyone else is laughing, you just can't see them. i'm sorry, it's a sad scene. like a bag of dirt, like plop. it was weird. okay, anyway. what did you think of it? i just -- >> sorry, now you're making me feel bad that i laughed. sorry.
10:08 am
>> i just -- i just worry for this young girl. somebody was -- our show, "scandalous" got some reviews that were less than thrilling too, until somebody reminded me there's a book called "rotten reviews." you can't believe the reviews les miserables got, wicked, camelot. you might be in great company. i'm worried one day we're all going to read the newspapers or hear a news report and we'll have run out of time to help this girl. >> yeah, yeah. >> that's what i think. somebody help justin too. love our biebster, love his mom, but she didn't dress him this morning. >> he was meeting the canadian prime minister wearing overalls, a t-shirt, and his hat on
10:09 am
backwards. >> getting a huge award, diamond jubilee medal. >> this is his home turf. question is, why. people on twitter were calling him disrespectful and stuff. justin tweeted this quote, "i met the prime minister in overalls, lol." like isn't it funny. >> prime minister tweeted, in fairness to bieber, i said i'd wear my overalls too. >> i guess the prime minister went to the place where justin bieber was going to be performing, is that right that night? went there hours before performance, he came from rehearsal. i still think that you should dress to meet the prime minister. >> he's 19 years old, isn't completely grown up yet. a young man's brain isn't even formed until it's 22. we'll give him a little leeway
10:10 am
here. again, you have to trust the people around you to say, justin, this is going to be a big deal. they didn't do it. >> yeah. >> or else it's a complete decline of our civilization. speaking of that -- >> this is a decline of civilization. >> this was sent up, we laughed about it. i don't know, maybe there's one for you too. >> other side. >> oh, okay, sorry. i don't easily fold, okay? look at this, this was sent to us from groupon. it's a blanket. and apparently, mine was given to christine, my assistant, and christine gave it back. i want mine. it's got bambino with reindeer ears. >> if you want to order one, not this one, no one would want this one. i think online they have those things called photos on a blanket or something like that.
10:11 am
>> it would be a fun gift. mine -- is that your favorite thing? >> no, it's not. clearly. mine is almost out, because i love it. it's a joe malone bath gel. it is nectarine, blossom, and honey. it's $50. one squirt and you smell like -- >> thank you, jerry. jerry wants the blanket. >> what's yours? >> mine is something my friend drew hammer gave me. we went to israel this april. when i looked down, there was a stone there exactly like a real heart, and she had just come through a 27-year marriage ending and she felt like she had a heart of stone. that was a reminder to let her heart again become soft and tender towards the world. so she set it up, it's called a charitable foundation, all proceeds go to churches around
10:12 am
america where ministries help single women in need who have gone through the devastation of divorce. prices start at -- oh, they are expensive. $295, and it is gold and goes to a good cause. >> sara, what do you got? >> decorating my apartment and recently found this amazing blanket. i've been covering up in it all weekend. no, thiis actually my favorite thing. it's the gel nail kit, about $79, a gel manicure lasts longer. this you can do it yourself. i had it on last week, it's amazing. it will save you money in the long run. >> i have a concern about damaging nail beds, i do it on my toes. we have a contest winner to announce. >> if you've had a wedding and there's been a problem with it.
10:13 am
>> wedding ceremony? >> sometimes there are wedding problems you have, whether a storm hits or your guests get food poisoning, whatever. anyway, you're getting a chance to do it over. you're getting a trip to bahamas for two. three nights at the resort. pay attention, people, listen. when you say something confidently, people usually don't question it. >> except the people who love you dearly. anyway, go on our website and see if you can win. we told you we'd tell you about this. >> maybe tomorrow. new mobster on killing them softly. >> you know this wise guy. we'll chat with him next. [ woman ] ring. ring.
10:14 am
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10:17 am
okay, he's appeared in more than 60 feature films, has played his share of bad guys, but underneath it all, he's apparently a pussy cat. >> in "killing them softly," ray liotta plays a nice guy who double crossed a shady character and is trying not to get whacked. >> isn't everybody? >> you know they are going to kill ya. you know that, don't ya? that doesn't have to happen. it shouldn't happen to you. just put the gun down. >> oh! hey, ray. >> the producer who saw that said they are going to show the scene of you in the bathtub. what do you mean, the bathtub? it does look like i'm in a
10:18 am
bathtub. >> where were you? >> weren't you in a bathtub? >> no, it was a bar, i was reaching down getting him the money. >> i thought the guy put you in a bathtub. >> wow, maybe that's a good way to sell it. >> fully clothed. if i were going to whack somebody, i'd put them in the bathtub, make the cleanup easier. >> that's true. that's true. >> you're kind of the nicest guy of the bad guys in the show. >> there arer no bad guys in it. >> much worse than me. >> tell us about your character. >> i'm a nice guy who runs a poker game, oversees it for the bad guys. i once robbed the poker game, but in a nice way, then it got robbed again and they thought it's me, so the bad guys come after me. but this time it wasn't me. >> in real life, you love to play poker, right, play with
10:19 am
real high-stakes gambler guys. you invited them to be in the scene with you. tell us about what happened. >> we shot it in new orleans. across the hotel there's a haras. i'm not good, i was learning from them and became friends with them because i'm there a lot when i came working. they are being nice, let them be in the movie with me. they are always putting down, oh, it's easy what you do, doesn't look that hard. as soon as action came, they froze, couldn't say a word. >> what happened then? >> made me laugh more, so it worked out well, just because they were so scared. >> isn't it funny how these really macho guys, camera, lights, action, camera -- >> you get the tar kicked out of you in a couple of scenes here. >> i do. >> usually you're the one doing the kicking. >> on the giving end. >> that's one of the reasons i
10:20 am
like this, aside from the people i was working with. >> name a few of them. >> brad pitt, andrew domelick, really good actors. this time i took the beating. >> ever thought about being in a romantic comedy? >> i just played a preacher. >> what was that like for you to be a person of a spiritual -- >> it was great, it was great. i never really read much of the bible, but i started reading it, whoa, mean people. >> real housewives of the hold testament. >> unbelievable back then. >> i know. well, ray, always interesting when you come on. happy holidays to you. >> no more teases. >> doesn't like the teases, they are too long. anyway, "killing them softly" opens on november 30th. who is our biggest admirer?
10:21 am
we're going to reveal our fan of the week. then get out the apple cider and put on the christmas music. i love this racing car. want to wave to daddy ? ♪ you are exactlyne) one of a kind ♪ we're going to win. woah, that's awesome. ♪ cause we were made for each other for always ♪ score !
10:22 am
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three courses, two people, just $25 but only for a limited time. go olive garden. and try our unlimited homemade soup, crisp salad, and warm breadsticks lunch, just $6.95. we're back with our fan of the week. >> our winner is seprin seprina windrows. she just recently moved to virginia, when she met her roommate. we're going to send you to st. lucia. you'll enjoy a four-night stay. the trip also includes dinner for two and round-trip airfare for two. the hotel and airfare provided
10:25 am
by bay area resort. congratulations to seprina. >> all righty. our three italian love bugs are going to sing for us. >> we love when they sing. >> first, your local news. >> they are always adorable. out with their second cd. a cup of joe is a sedan. a cup of johan
10:26 am
is a 600 horsepower sports coupe that likes to hug curves. ♪ your curves. smooth, rich, never bitter, gevalia. good morning to you. it is 10:26. i'm marla tellez. it looks like the 49ers are in the middle of a quarterback controversy. colin kaepernick started for the second straight time. after the game, jim harbaugh would not say if kaepernick or alex smith would start the game in st. louis. instead, he said the staff would review the game tape and make the decision. after the break, we will look at the forecast and the roads.
10:27 am
10:28 am
welcome back. the time is 10:28. taking a live look over san jose. not the case over much of the bay area. we have visibility levels coming up. 10 miles in livermore and san jose. up to 3 miles of visibility in concord. socked in with fog in daly city. we will see the sun come out in the next 15 to 20 minutes. by 1:00 p.m., the sunshine in
10:29 am
san francisco. 64 degrees in san francisco today. your full forecast at 11:00. let's check on the drive with mike. good morning. the bay bridge with the fog hanging out here. we will show you the map. we see the orange colored in where you have a problem with mist. still metering lights and slow on the city side. that fog on the map is through san francisco. we will get a look at palo alto south. we see the sun starting to make its way through the fog. there you go. a bit of hope. back to you, marla. let there be light. we will have more on the top stories in 30 minutes. see you at 11:00. we are back with more of "today" on this cyber monday. tis the season to shop till you drop. >> you probably hit the stores
10:30 am
over the weekend or plan on sitting at your computer taking advantage of cyber sales. >> before you dig yourself in debt, mary hunt is author of "debt proof your christmas," jean is today's financial editor. welcome, ladies. >> thank you. >> this came from a good place. you wanted to make sure your boys had a good christmas. you decided you were going to pull your credit card out and go crazy. tell us what happened? >> it was the worst christmas ever. a week until christmas, hadn't done enough shopping for my kids and christmas, hiding the bills, it was never enough. >> how long ago was this? >> 20 years ago. >> it's easy with that credit card. you talk about in your book how we ignore christmas 11 months out of the year, then panic we're not prepared. right, jean, that's what happens? >> that's what happens. think about cramming for any sort of a test.
10:31 am
the closer you get to it, the more on edge and the worse the decisions are you make. >> you weren't out of your debt like that, it took you 17 years to dig yourself out? >> 12 years to create it, 13 years to get out. had i known then when i know now, it would have made it easier. >> you've gone on to teach so many people how to get out of debt. it's remarkable. >> the book is written in such a friendly way, it's not a financial book you need a degree to understand it. give everybody a few tips. everybody's facing that right now. >> you have to realize stuff quickly fades, debt goes on forever. if you don't have the cash to pay, you need to find ways you can give gifts. that's what the book is about, it's not about not spending money. if you have a lot of cash, go for it. simple ways, family traditions, kids love to spend time with their family. it's not all about christmas morning. spread christmas out over the whole month, if you can. so many ideas to bring so much
10:32 am
joy to your life without going into debt. >> a lot of people watching this probably are in debt and the idea of digging out seems like an endless process. >> it's one step at a time. there's no quick fix, but the really good news is we've got academic research out of places like stanford and yale that show us it is the thought that counts. if you are receiving a gift, you do not care as much as the person who's giving it thinks that you do about what it costs and what you really want is something that's useful. so you don't have to go and spend crazy money on something lavish if a recipe is useful, a picture means something to you. i know it sounds cliche. >> i think it's more than that. we want people to love us. i'll be honest, i wanted my children to love me and have the best memories and to be the parent of the year and for my friends to think i was wealthy.
10:33 am
all of these crazy things. it was about me, wasn't so much about them. >> that's my point. >> i think the best gifts are the ones that are homemade. you don't tie a perceived value in dollars and cents. but if it's a treat from your kitchen you've put in a package or presentation. >> time is a precious commodity. >> it is. i think a gift is more like a messenger. it carries the good will i have for you. if i can tell you through that, hoda, i love you, you have made such a big change in my -- you really have, actually. >> they've met many years ago. hoda was sweet to you, right? >> total stranger on the streets of new york, ran into you, you were so kind to me. i'll never forget that, hoe dachlt. >> that means a lot to me. i don't remember gifts i get, but i'll remember what you said to me. that's how it works. >> that's what the book is about, it's not too late. we've got weeks until christmas.
10:34 am
>> five weeks until christmas, which is an awful lot of shopping time. >> the best thing you can do to teach your children something, adopt a family or a home you read about in the newspaper or something like that. maybe have been through the storm this year, make a christmas for someone else. take your children with you to bring it to them. they will never forget that. thank you, ladies. >> thank you both. >> thanks, really appreciate it. another way to save money, making your own decorations. >> get out the glue gun, frank fontana is here. >> elegant ideas, we think. after this. dancing.dy oh my god, him dance? have you seen his shoes? they look like, they look like flippers. [ aunts laughing ] [ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday. get an 8 piece meal now with a dozen delicious cookies baked in-store. the kfc festive feast. all for just $19.99. yes you did, yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't. yes you did, yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't.
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mom: what's that, rosie? ♪ you are exactly one of a kind ♪ toy sfx: hi there! let's learn to clap! clap, yeah! ♪ we were made for each other ♪ mom: a-b-c-d-e-f-g ♪ for always. toy sfx: h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p. mom: h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p. q-r-s. q-r-s. sure, bisquick makes delicious pancakes, but that's just the start. unleash the hidden power of bisquick. see what you can make at time now for today's cat nap for the holidays, decking the halls with christmas projects for the entire family. >> wreaths, christmas decorations, all you need is a drill and help from frank fontana.
10:39 am
>> hey, frank. >> how are you? >> minus the glue gun, but we do have a drill. this is perfect for the office holiday party or budding chef in the family. you're going to be making a gifted -- >> we're making something? >> gifted oven mitt, stuff with utensils, get started, got the mitt, utensils. i thought this was appropriate. >> you don't like the ultramodern? >> mine is fine. gray, unattractive one. >> unattractive? i thought that was a cool color palette. wrap it with a bow, make it fun. do it with the kids. >> challenging too. >> got to put it over here. >> i didn't want it here. thank you very much. >> look how quick and easy, inexpensive, cool gift for someone starting culinary school or moving into a new home. >> i know none of those people.
10:40 am
>> you guys are closet martha stewart types, i can tell. >> not me. not me. >> let's move it along. look at your bow, perfect. annoying. >> anal retentive. anal, i said it. >> we're recycling old pop bottles and boxes. wrap it with gift wrap, customize labels, isn't this cute? make your own labels, this is great for an office party. you don't want to spend too much. >> nobody has it to spend, you know what i mean? >> that's why these projects make sense. let's talk about the tea party. >> you're italian, you go to tea parties? >> i have an english side of my family. we have a wreath decorated with ornaments and clothes pins. >> those are cute. >> got one plus today. adorable clips, tea bags, then a
10:41 am
great display for height for holiday cookies. >> that's cute. >> this is an old christmas place mat, get some decor again, these are just plastic clothes pins you can glue on. i didn't use a hot glue gun, but this looks cute, get a holiday tin to serve it up. >> $10 for the whole thing? >> everything on this table is under, like, $50. can't go wrong with it. glasses, ladies. i'm going to do this. i don't want shards to go into your eyes. >> thank you. >> yours look -- >> really hot when i put these on. not that you're not, i'm just saying. this is really cool project, all recycled wood. driftwood from my backyard. i was walking one day and found this awesome piece of wood, yanked it out, something you would do. this would make cool candle holders. you see stuff like this in
10:42 am
anthropology for $200. take your drill, not going to hurt you. it will shoot out, so big careful, all right? you get enough depth -- you want to try this at all? >> no, thanks. >> sure? >> thanks for asking. >> deep enough for one of these tea lights in here. >> that's perfect. >> don't do this with children. >> this is not a kid-friendly project, but this is. this is a different way to display holiday photos taking an old recycled frame and used an oak drawer liner. that's not even real wood. you like that, huh? twine, photos, ornaments, there you have it. >> not that one. >> how many times has all this been done? you have to get new twists. >> i agree. how's that little one of yours? >> fantastic. >> have a great holiday with him. >> appreciate it. their name says it all, means flight, a soaring live
10:43 am
performance by the three teenagers. are they still teenagers? they are adorable. we feel we discovered them. >> we did, right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. it's cramping. go ice that thing. sorry. hand cramp. ahh. [ male announcer ] cyber monday is back. shop now for great savings with free shipping. the first and only place to go for cyber monday. for cyber monday.
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10:47 am
the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. they may have been made in italy, but the singing trio il volo is working on conquering the united states. >> they just finished their run performing with barbara streisand, and i saw them. their second cd is in stores right now called "we are love." aerothey are -- >> we are il volo. >> one of you has lost 70 pounds. >> what happened? barely recognize you. >> yes, yes. i'm starting to eat better. >> you're starting? >> yes. >> wow, you look great. >> can you believe what's
10:48 am
happened? this second cd is doing well, just dropped yesterday, yeah? >> it's great. >> how is it being on stage with barbara streisand? >> always been our dream singing with big stars in the world, singing with barbara streisand is an honor and pleasure. barbara is barbara. >> she was pleased to be with il volo. what are you singing for us? >> here they are, il volo. love to say that. ♪
10:49 am
♪ ♪
10:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪
10:51 am
♪ >> we love you guys! tune in for our show on
10:52 am
christmas eve, everybody, the guys are going to have another performance for us. >> you can also catch them at the rockefeller christmas tree lighting on wednesday night. you are going to be singing 8:00/7:00 central on nbc. >> thanks, guys. we love you. we love them. we'll be back with more of "today." where, hoda? >> on nbc. >> there you go.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
today is the first day of our 19th annual holiday toy drive. every year we work with more than 200 family charities all over the united states to make the holidays bragter for children in need. >> one of our partners is 31 gifts. its founder and ceo is here with two helpers. >> so nice to see you, this is
10:56 am
your second time with us, right? >> been here a couple times. >> tell us about the gifts you guys are giving. >> we have several gifts, some gifts for teens and the mom. real functional items, back packs, sacks, things like that. we give to over 75 different organizations. what's also exciting about 31 is we have thousands of our sales reps that are actually the elves that help the toy drives take some of the products. we not only give the products, but we help deliver them. that's a blessing. >> what's it mean to you guys to be a part of it? >> we are just so blessed. it's such an amazing opportunity to be able to give back and have an impact, no matter how big or small. >> look what good kids you raise. >> are you as nice as your sister? >> thank you, guys, so much. >> happy holidays. god bless you all. >> donate gifts on our plaza until december 21st.
10:57 am
please, help out. >> have a great day. god bless. you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here.
10:58 am
brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! secondhand smoke affects y to beveryone's it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
10:59 am
the city of san francisco versus the los angeles dodgers. i'm bob redell. we will have the latest in the legal action

NBC November 26, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PST

News/Business. Ray Liotta, Julie Andrews, II Volo. (2012) Ray Liotta; Julie Andrews; holiday weight gain; how to have a debt-free holiday; Il Volo performs. New. (CC) (Stereo)

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